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A D D I S O N  P A R K E R

I'm not quite sure how Colton and I are supposed to both get out of the house with out making it suspicious or obvious that both of us are gone at the same time.

Its definitely going to be a lot easier for Colton, see my brother will always have me on lock and key, always having to know my business. So i guess i am stuck having to wait until him and emily fall asleep so i can climb down that goddam fucking tree.

I swear that tree is not good for me, aside from being afraid of heights, each time i climb it there always appears to be a new bruise or scratch that appears on my body.

Its 9 o'clock right now, and I already heard Colton leave, plus the text from him i received telling me he's down the street so i guess its now or never.

I open my window, just looking at that tree makes me want to cry. Taking deep breaths i slowly scale my way down the trees, trying to ignore the way my hearts beating like I'm about to die if i fall.

Quietly and successfully i made my way down the tree running to the corner of my street to Colton's car.

I quickly hop inside praying Ryan didn't see shit. Knowing that if he did Colton and i would be in a tonne of shit.

I look over at Colton who's already staring at me. "Hi" he says softly. The most adorable fucking smile is plastered on his face and it makes me want to melt in a puddle. God he makes me so smitten and I'm not sure if i like it or not.

"Hi." I whisper back.

He smiles at me starting his car, god watching him drive makes me weak, I'm so infatuated by him it drives me insane.

I look over at him not sure what he has planned, "Colton where are you taking me?" I ask unsurely.

He looks over at me and places his hand softly on my thigh. "I know that our first attempt at a date didn't go quite as expected so i wanted a redo, another chance to show you that I'm not some screw up." He looks over at me.

I smile at him reassuringly hoping that this date really does go as expected.

After a few more minutes of driving in comfortable silence, we finally make it to the spot up in the hill he took me to last time.

I stay seated in the car, and Colton goes around to his trunk to grab things out of there. "Well are you coming out here or not?" He asks.

I open up the car door not expecting to be hit by such a cold breeze. I wrap my arms around my self placing my self on the hood of Colton's car.

Colton finally makes his way too me with blankets and food. Im quick to grab one a wrap it around myself incasing myself in it. Colton just chuckles at me.

He looks at me, not in a creepy way but just observing. "I never thought i'd be here you know. We've played this back and forth game for years, like foreplay in a sense."

I stare at him confused, 'foreplay' what the fuck.

"But i thought this was how its always going to be for us, we are always going to be stuck in this cycle and im so glad we are out of it. You know that Adds. Fuck I've wanted you for the longest goddam time."

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