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I've had more attention drawn to me in this school for the past two weeks, than have for the past three years I've attended central high, which is impressive seeing as most juniors have had some sort of rumour spread about them, even Elody.

But I guess I'm kinda of untouchable seeing as I've had two big bodyguards who have warned everyone not to touch me.

Well untouchable to everyone expect Nora meaning I've gained the attention, of the schools biggest bitch. Now everyone's knowing my business. Conveniently enough for me she happened to be there when the fight broke out on the field between Colton and Clayton.

Apparently from what I've heard she was fuming, so after Colton and I had our 'talk' last night, I heard them calling for a while. Colton then decided on the bright idea to invite her over.... for dinner.

The entire dinner was silent, all you could her was the sounds of the cutlery hitting the plate. I could feel Nora's eyes searing through my skin they entire dinner.

Once we had finished dinner Colton had called me and Ryan into the living room. Then announced once we sat down that Nora and Colton are dating.

Nora wasn't even bothering to hid the big smirk on her face.

I knew she was proud of herself, I guess maybe she thought she'd won this battle, but from the look on Colton's face when he'd announced it at the time, he didn't look so sure of his decision.

But that was at the time, today both of them can't keep off each other, constantly kissing, holding hands, they really aren't trying to keep their PDA, to a bare minimum.

Aside from Colton and Nora, I've been avoiding Clayton all day, he's tried to approach me many times today but hasn't had any luck so far, I've always found a way to avoid him, I'd run into my next class or start talking to Ryan.

But lunch time was the perfect time for him to make his move, I generally like sitting alone at lunch or with Elody, I have a whole table just for me to sit on, courtesy of my brother and Colton, but I never really sit on it with anyone.

I felt a tap on my shoulder, I knew it was Clayton I saw him making his way over to me before, I need to face the music, I turn around to face him, "I know you've been avoiding me." He states bluntly, "can we talk in uh private."

I nod my head, I stand up throwing my rubbish away and then follow him, I know Colton and Ryan are looking at me, probably either fuming or questioning  what the hell I'm doing.

Clayton leads me into an unoccupied classroom, he shuts the door, I lean myself on the teachers desk while he sits on a another desk informs of me.

He blows out a puff of air, which makes his hair blow out of his face, he stays silent for a minute, he was fidgeting with his hands, very nervous about whatever it was he had to say. "I'm just gonna say it." He states.

"I'm gay."

My eyes widen, so do his like he's taken aback at his own words, "wow" he shakes his head in disbelief, "I said it." I don't say anything, I let a small smile fall onto my face, I want him to have his moment, let it sink in as to what he just said. And also I'm not really sure what to say, how to act, so I just wait, wait for him to say something else.

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