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My eyebrows pull together. The phone was still ringing. "Mom? She hasn't talked to us in years. Why so she calling us?" Ryan shrugged his shoulders, just staring at the phone.

"Well answer bitchass!" Colton shouts. Ryan snaps out of his daze and goes to answer the phone, but before he could slide his thumb across the screen to answer, the screen flicks back to the lock screen of his phone, which is a picture of Colton, Ryan and I.

I look at Ryan the same time he looks at me, "well call her back!" I yell at him. Mom never contacts us, all her and dad do is send us money, and go on with their lives. Ryan quickly unlocks his phone, going to call mom, but she's quick to call back.

Ryan doesn't hesitate to pick up this time making his way into his bedroom to speak to mom. Colton, Clayton and I all watch as Ryan leaves. Leaving us standing there's awkwardly.

Clayton shifts uncomfortable, "I think I should leave, it seems you guys must have something going on and I don't want to intrude on anything." Before I can can answer Clayton's in my room grabbing his stuff.

"Clay your not intruding, but if you want to leave you can." I say, Clayton nods his head smiling at me. Then gives Colton a quick look before heading downstairs.

I follow him down to send him off, "thanks for having me adds.. I really appreciate that your here for me to talk to. I hope we can do this more often." He says while opening the front door.

"Of course. Your welcome here anytime. Maybe you, Elody and I can hang sometime. You guys are kind of my only friends." I giggle. Clay laughs along, before closing the door and driving himself home.

I see Colton standing in the kitchen leaning against the island bench, "is Ryan still talking to mom?" I say, hearing the murmur of his voice from upstairs. Colton nods his head, swallowing the water he has in his hands in big gulps.

He puts his glass down on the counter, "today's been eventful." Colton admits. I just nod my head. "You wanna go do something?" He asks.

I scrunch my eyebrows together. "Why would we leave, Ryan's on the phone with my mom, I have to stay see what she's says." I say, a little surprised that he wants to leave, knowing how important it must be if mom calls us.

"Maybe it's for the best if we do leave, Ry will call us if he needs us home now come on." He grabs his keys off the bench, grabbing my hands also before I can protest and tell him otherwise.

We quickly hop in the car, making our way to wherever we're going. "Where are we going? Your not planning to take me to those places where you and Ry go to get High so you can take my mind off shit? Because I may rebel a bit, but drugs are really my..."

"Addy shut up, No way in hell would I let you take drugs even if you wanted to." He cuts me off, continues his way down a familiar roads.

It quickly clicks to me where we are going.

His house.

"Your taking me to your house, why? You said you were taking me away from everything, your parents are probably home, seeing as my mom is on the phone to my brother right now." I exclaim, knowing if my mother's calling, Colton's parents are definitely home.

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