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A D D I S O N  P A R K E R

After Colton leaves my room, still shouting loads of bullshit from down the hall. I pick up my phone and sigh, I know I should text Tobias and cancel, but what if Colton is playing me?

I cannot deal with him and his constant need to hurt me.

Pushing the negative thoughts into the back of my mind I decide to have a little faith in Colton, and text Tobias.

<hey sorry can't make it tonight, feeling sick :(>

He quickly responds.

Tobias:<aw, it's okay, hope you feel better x>

I decide not to reply, I know that I'll begin to feel guilty for cancelling on him. The door to my bedroom quickly bursts open. I look over to the door frame to Colton standing there with a massive smirk plastered on his face.

I makes his way over to me, grabbing my hand and sitting on the bed, pulling my hand to straddle him. "I told you if you weren't done in two minutes I'd come in." His face plastered with his charming smirk.

I'm too busy admiring his face , to realise that I'm straddling him.

In only a towel.

My face begins to heat up in embarrassment, I try to push myself off him, but he grips my hand tighter, as he lays back in the bed pulling me down with him. "Don't shy away now." He says.

His other hand reaches up to my jaw, softly pulling my face towards him. Once our lips meet I can feel my embarrassment fade away.

His lips are soft, his tongue clashes with mine, and I whimper at the feeling. Everything he does just makes me melt, I feel like I'm not even a solid anymore just a gooey mush on the ground.

His lips detach from my mouth, making me groan in annoyance, but they find their way to my neck, his cold tongue against my hot neck, is sensation I never want to end.

Involuntarily I find myself rolling my hips against the soft cotton of his shorts, he lets out a moan against my neck.

I whimper, as an intense feeling begins to build up in my stomach, his lips make their way down the column of my neck to the swell of my breasts, sucking lightly.

Just as I think things are about to escalate, the front doors open. I'm quick to react pushing myself off Colton, internally screaming in my head, I signal for Colton to leave my room knowing that it's Ryan coming home.

But Colton doesn't do anything instead he sits there confused. Until a pair of footsteps come stomping up the stairs.

Colton's eyes widen, but before he can react my bedroom door swing open revealing, Ryan and Emily.

Emily? I cannot believe my big brother has finally brought a girl home for me to meet. I swear I'm in an another universe.

But that's no longer my brothers concern when he sees Colton and I together, in a room, with a door that was once shut and my body only converted by a towel. And I know he can only see red.

"What the fuck!" He booms, "I thought I fucking told you to not fuck around with her anymore." My eyebrows punch together in confusion. Why on earth is Ryan telling Colton to back off? Colton hasn't said anything about liking me until now?

I can see the panic in Colton's eyes when need to come up with something and we need to do it now.

"Bro I'm not, I swear, I came in here to fuck with her you came at bad timing I swear." I roll my eyes, literally. He couldn't have come up with something better.

Ryan's about to open his mouth until Emily squeezes his hand forcing him to stop. He looks down at her and his hard face softens. In fact everyone's attention turns to Emily. I forgot she was there.

"I'm not doing this right now." My brother growls. "Not in front of her." He mumbles.

"This is Emily, my girlfriend. Who I wanted to introduce to you two, properly, and surprise you I guess, I don't know. But obviously it's been fucking ruined!" He snapped, Emily gently rubbed up and down his arm to calm him.

Emily is a gorgeous girl and she's probably one of the nicest seniors of met, and genuinely cares for everyone. It warms my heart to know that she's chosen my brother, even if he can be the biggest dick and huge player.

"Hi, sorry that you saw that unfold." I say awkwardly not knowing how to handle the situation.

She just smiles, and shakes her head. "No it's fine, honestly, hey Colton." She waves at him. He gives her an awkward wave back.

"Um, so how did this happen?" Colton asks curiously.

"I don't know when did you and my sister happen?" He fires back, I roll my eyes knowing the full on the debate that's about to happen.

I can see Colton start to get really angry and I'm really unsure of what's about to go down. "Would you fucking believe me for once nothing is going on! For a best friend you have no trust!" He defends.

Yeah, well Colton you are lying to his face right now.

"Ryan I think you should let it go." Emily says softly.

Ryan nods his head. "Right I'm sorry dude your right I should trust you more." Ryan admits. I'm surprised at how well Emily is calming him, I've never seen my brother like this.

Honestly he's always had some underlying anger and Emily seems to make it vanish.

"Okay well Emily and I will be in my room, knock before you come in." He tells us. I roll my eyes knowing what he meant.

Emily's face turns red as she slaps his arm, he just smiles down at her looking like a love struck goose, before dragging her out of my room.

Colton let's put a breath of air, "fuck that was close." He mumbles, before I can reply he's already got his hand on my waist, rubbing up his hand up and down on my towel covered hip.

He leans close to whisper in my ear. "Sneak our your window tonight, I want a redo of our first date." I look up at him and nod my head.

I am extremely ready for tonight

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