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A D D I S O N  P A R K E R

My head aches, purely just aches. I don't know what I drank last night but I'm sure it's done some damage to my insides and my dignity.

I go to sit up to get some Advil, but my body is heavy and forced back down.

My first thought was I'd been drugged and I'm still suffering from the effects of it. Then my stupid ass realises, there's a heavy body draped across mine.

I look down to see a fast asleep Colton. Soft snores escaping him. His lips slightly parted. His hair tousled. His bare back muscles moving every time he breathes.

Panic rushes through me. I shove Colton's shoulder. "Colton wake up!"I whisper shout no sure who's awake in the house.

He mumbles something, shifting his head to face the other way. I roll my body over, using all my force to push him off me.

His eyes widen in panic, as he realises what's happening the moment his body hits the floor. He lands with a loud thump, and a groan.

"What the fuck was that for?" He growls. Not even bothering to hide his nasty glare. I stare at his shirtless body, before looking at him, in panic.

"What happened last night? Did we uh- sleep together?" I wearily question. I'm not quite sure if I wanted to know the answer. I'm still trying to hold onto some innocence. A little.

He just scoffs and rolls his eyes, rubbing the spot that he landed on. "Does it fucking look like we slept together. Your not naked neither am I. Well except me having no shirt." He points out.

I mentally face palm myself. I can't believe my first conclusion was that we slept together, rather than taking in my surroundings.

"Plus I was sober and I could never and I mean never take advantage of you like that. But you did force me to dress you into your pjs." He admits.

My cheeks instantly flushed. "How drunk was I?"I ask.


I groan and fall back on my bed. Regretting it instantly. I hiss in pain as my head throbs. "Here let me get you some Advil I'll be back." Colton scurries out of the room.

My head pounds, my throat feels dry, hangover his horrible, I feel like I'm about to vomit all my insides out.

Within a few minutes he returns with Advil in one hand and water in the other.

He chuckles. "Man so many people are passed out all over the place. Someone was in the sink." I let out the ugliest snort at the thought of that.

He hands me the Advil and water and I'm quick to take them. "Uh What happened well I was drunk?" I question.

He purses his lips together. "Well I found you making out with Tobias in here. You guys were pretty close to having sex. Then I kicked him out, and you blabbed on about it only being a dare and whatever."

My mouth is wide open. I'm shocked at my own actions I'm never ever drinking again.

Another course of panic rushes through my body, I'm now nervous to hear what's happened next. I don't know how I'm going to feel if I come to school on Monday and see Tobias's face even more bruised up.

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