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Colton and I were quick to leave this morning, we packed our bags and made our way to the airport to hop onto the private plane,

I was beyond ready now to go home. I felt so trapped around my Mom, it felt good to let everything that's been circling my mind for the past sixteen years, just be right out in the open.

My brother drove us to the airport, but not before he left a message for me from Mom."Look Adds, Mom feels horrible Okay? She's finally realised how horrible a mother she just wants to....."

"No Ry, no. She wants nothing. She sure as hell won't get anything from me. Just leave it. Okay. I don't want to hear her horrible excuses, for being a bloody awful person." I just slide out of the car and leave, not wanting to say goodbye to my brother.

Colton follows closely behind me as we walk as fast as we can to make our way on the plane and just get the fuck out of Paris.

I quickly seat myself in the same place I was sat last time at the very back of the plane. I was assuming Colton would do the same, but he had a different idea. He plopped himself in the seat across from me, stretching his legs out so they rested on the seat next to me.

Ignoring him I put my headphones in my ears, blasting my music loud enough so I couldn't hear him, but not so loud that it would give me a massive earache.

Deciding to find myself a comfortable position, I put my legs on top of Colton's so they stretched to the seat next to me. But he quickly grabbed my legs and placed them on his.

I didn't protest by moving my legs or anything, I just allowed myself time to drift to sleep, I was beyond tired.

I even ignored the seatbelt sign telling me I should put my seatbelt on, just so I could get some sort of a proper sleep.

I'd assumed I'd slept for a good few hours or so, before I was abruptly woken up by my legs being moved, I kept my eyes shut, still wanting to give off the impression I'm asleep.

I feel Colton's body next to mine. His hard chest pressed up against my arm. He carefully lifts up my arm rest, shuffling his body around, I couldn't see the position I was sitting in, but I felt his arm reach over and grab my body gently pulling me towards him.

My back hits a hard surface which was quickly clear to me it was his chest. His arms go under my armpits to rest on my stomach. His hands go up my shirt very soon after, resting in my warm skin, his fingers tracing light circles.

I open up my eyes giving up on the sleeping facade I had going on. I tilt my head to look up at him a little, his eyes meet mine. "Oh shit, did I wake you?" He asks in concern.

I shrug my shoulders. "I guess." I say, snuggling myself into him a little more trying to make myself comfortable.

He dips his head down a places a chaste kiss in my neck. "Go back to bed." He rubs my stomach. Placing kisses on my cheek and neck here and there.

I groan knowing I'm probably not going to be able to go back to sleep for possible the rest of the flight. "I can't now." I state, pushing my body up from his, so I can face him.

He just nods his head, pulling me back down to him so I straddle his waist. His hand makes his way up to my jaw resting it there, his facial features quickly soften, nibbling on his bottom lip a little.

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