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I've been in my own world this entire date, nothing Clayton has said has interested me in any way possible, not even the movie could help me out of my boredom.

Clayton took me out to dinner before we headed to the movies, he offered to pay for my meal which I was grateful for, since he didn't tell me where we were going, I wasn't sure if I'd have enough money for both.

Hell, I wasn't  sure if I had enough money for a ticket alone.

Everything was going pretty smoothly at first he pulled out my chair for me to sit down in, we ordered our food, I was genuinely excited for where this was going to go.

But then he opened his mouth.

And couldn't close it.

All he did was go on and on about himself, I couldn't get a word in. If he wasn't talking about how great he is at lacrosse, he'd sure as hell be talking about how great he is at something.

I also found out, he isn't, the smartest person I've met either, aside from being completely vain and self centred, he also is so thick.

I was pretty excited when we got to the movies, so there would be less talking and more eating and watching.

But Clayton had picked for us to watch a sappy romance movie, his excuse was 'it sets the mood for our date'.

So hear I am with Clayton finding every excuse to touch me somewhere, and my mind not on the date not on the movie, not on anything but Colton Drake.

Clayton's arm his draped around my shoulder, awkwardly, constantly pulling me a little too rough to attempt to get me closer to him.

Fortunately the movie has about 5 minutes before it's finished, and I had texted Ryan to pick me up, because I certainly was not sure if I could spend any more time after the movie with Clayton.

My phone vibrated in my pocket, i quickly pulled it out to see who was texted me, making sure I had my brightness down though, I didn't want to be that annoying person in the movie theatre.

It was Ryan, he texted me telling me the he was here already.

I hadn't told Clayton yet that Ryan was picking me up, so this was an easy way to find a simple excuse to leave.

I quickly put my phone back in pocket whispering in Clayton's ear, "that was Ryan he just texted me saying he was at the theatre to pick me up because he needs me at home right now."

I feel ashamed that, that lie slipped so easily out my mouth, but honestly, I was also glad it did, Colton was right I barely knew the guy, and he definitely wasn't what I thought he was going to be.

Clayton's eyes bulge out of his head, he looked extremely anxious. "Is there something wrong, if there is I think I should be there to support you, I wouldn't want you coming home from our great date to be upset." He watches me as I get up slowly.

His reaction made me feel guilty, I knew he was a good guy,but he was way to vain and self centred, for me to want to pursue anything with him.

And I wasn't enjoying myself on this date, not just because of him, but what Colton told me had been dawning on me ever since I'd left the house.

I shake my head, "I'm sure it's nothing, I'll see you around alright." He nods his back at me, focusing his attention back in the movie.

I slip past in and everyone in the theatre awkwardly, trying very hard not bump anyone or be in their way for to long, I quickly head towards the exit, instantly regretting opening the doors so quickly and not letting my eyes adjust to the light.

I slowly make my way out of the movie theatre, thankfully Ryan had parked his car, right outside, once I left the theatre itself I was quick to dash to his car.

I open his door and then slam it quickly, doing up my seatbelt, because I know Ryan won't drive until I'm buckled in, and I really just want to get home.

Ryan chuckles, "Woah, sis, take it easy, what's got you in such a hurry? How was the date?" I shoot him a glare, signalling my hands forward, telling him to drive.

He chuckles again, starting the car, pulling out of the spot He he was parked in, then making our way home. "The date was shit by the way, all he did was talk about himself, I couldn't get a fucking word in, I was happy that you came early it gave me an excuse to leave."

I sigh, "it was like something out of a movie when you barley talk to them and they seem so sweet and Genuine, but when you actually get to know them they're like that dumb self obsessed boy who always has their shirt off, you know."

I look over at Ryan I see him, smiling to himself, "what?" I question, his smile only grows bigger, resulting in him full out cackling, "What the fuck Ryan, what's so amusing?"

"I knew you wouldn't like him, you should hear him when we play lacrosse, he's all fucking talk, I knew for a fact once you got to know him you wouldn't like him." He continues to laugh.

"What the fuck, why would you do that?" I should be fuming at him for meddling with my love life, but even I could see the light in the situation, people who could see us through the car window would think we were crazy. But me and Ryan couldn't stop laughing.

Don't ask me why, but we thought it was absolutely hilarious.

Ryan and I are red in the face at this point, as mean as it sounds, we spent our entire car ride mocking Clayton, we weren't trying to be nasty, but it was pretty funny what was coming out of our mouths.

We pull up into our houses driveway, we get out of the car still pissing ourselves with laughter, at this point we aren't laughing about Clayton, we are more laughing at each other.

Ryan opens the front door, we are still laughing our asses off, but that laughter dies down very quickly, when we walk into the kitchen.

"Dude are you fucking joking?" Ryan's voice booms throughout the kitchen, Colton quickly looks over at Ryan and I.

I feel my happy mood, drop as quick as my face does, I'm disappointed, disappointed in Colton and disappointed in myself for believing that maybe he's a good guy.

His body's pressed against the counter top, with Nora resting on it and her legs wrapped around his waist, Nora isn't he even trying to hide the smirk on her face.

Colton pushes Nora's legs off him, as he steps away from the counter top, I stare down and the kitchen floor, but I know Colton's looking at me.

I clear my throat, "I'm- I'm going to go upstairs." I quickly make my way out of the kitchen, running up the steps to my bedroom.

I slam the door, flopping face first onto my pillows like I always do. I know that Colton told me that
he didn't have feelings for me.

But bringing Nora over, knowing the relationship I have with her,

That's a whole new low for Colton.

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