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"Holy father of my children, did you see how sexy your brother and Colton looked this morning, fuck, R.I.P. to my ovaries." Elody groans.

I smack my hands to my ears trying to block out any of the Bullshit she's saying about my brother and Colton, it revolts me that girls even want to come close as to touching them with out wanting to disinfect their hands or entire body.

Elody stares at me, "Oh don't be so over dramatic, I'm just a normal girl with hormones." Making it seem like I'm absolutely paranormal and aren't a normal teenage girl.

I shoot her a glare, "well I'm sorry that I don't want to listen to you talk about the two boys I live with, who also repulse me the most and how they make your ovaries feel thank you very much." I say.

She finally sighs, "luckily have my cheer friends who will happily listen to my sexual frustration towards your brother Ryan Parker and his best friend Colton Drake." She mocks.

I smile at her, "yes you go talk to those blonde bimbos, who open their legs for the first guy who glances in their direction." I tease, giving her a 'don't be a dick smile'.

She gasps, "not all of those girls are blonde or bimbo- who am I kidding your they are blonde bimbos." She laughs.

We always make fun of the cheer squad, just because they have a smaller IQ then a wad of chewed gum.

She pulls into the school car park, parking the car and hoping out, I follow along doing the same, we walk into the school hall ways.

As usual my brother, Colton and their football friends are surrounded at their lockers by a bunch of bimbo girls desperate to get in their pants.

My brother is a great guy but it revolts me that he's so similar to Colton, in the aspect that he fucks around with girls all the time.

It's horrible to be at home sometimes because at least one of them will have a girl in their room upstairs or have their mates over, who seem to want to always talk about every girl they fuck.

Me and Elody walk past them, I completely ignoring their presence but of course, Elody has to stare at them for too long which draws the attention of Colton, and anything that draws Colton's attention draws everyone else's attention.

"Hey adds, Elody." My brother says running over to us, followed by Colton, all their teammates staying at their lockers.

"Hey adds, Addison's friend." He looks over at Elody giving her  one of his charming smiles, god he makes me want to throw up, Elody also looking like she wants throw up but not for the same reasons.

Colton stares at my annoyed face,trying to contain his laughter, knowing that the even the smallest things that he does will piss me off.

"Her names Elody now excuse me Ryan, Colton have to get to my lockers so bye bye." I say grabbing Elodys hand because if I didn't she would stand their with drool dribbling from her chin and down her shirt.

I drop Elody off at her locker waving to her as I walk to mine which is at the very end of the extremely long corridor that never seems to end.

I finally reach my locker opening it up so I can take all my books out, I shut my locker, turning around only to be knocked to the ground, scattering my books every where.

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