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A D D I S O N  P A R K E R

"I'd love too."

I smile at him before walking in the opposite direction, but my hand gets pulled back into that same classroom Clayton and I were in before.

I'm flung into the classroom, making me stumble, in a little bit of shock. I hear the classroom door lock, I look up to see Colton standing in front of me, he towers over me, making me feel a little inferior, and intimidated by him.

But I brush that feeling off quickly knowing that, Colton and I argue all the time, and I'm always the one who wins.

I sigh dramatically at him, "yes, Colton. What is it this time? What's your newest complaint?" I roll my eyes, I swear he is so hard to please, everything I do he has something to say about it.

He scrunches his face up and rolls his eyes. "Piss off Addison. Why the fuck are you talking to Clayton. We fought over you the other day. He almost got the both of us almost got benched for the most the season. You absolutely hated you date with him. Why would you invite him over after school? He's bad news." Colton says.

I give him a smile. "cool story buddy, so in which chapter do you shut the fuck up?" I ask, giving him another sarcastic smile, I push past him unlocking the door, walking towards my next class.

I can hear Colton's footsteps, behind me, he catches up to me walking. Pulling on my shoulder so he can turn me around, "Ryan won't be happy about this, Addy." He warns.

I roll my eyes, and shake my head at him, "Colton mate, being a dick, won't help you micro penis get any fucking bigger. Go fucking back to sucking your girlfriends face off, and leave me the fuck alone." I push him away.

Once I get far enough down the hall I glance back at him. He looks helpless watching me walk away. He slams his fist hard against the locker. The noise ringing throughout the hallway.

Then he just walks away.


Clayton and I, are upstairs in my room, going over notes and homework, "have you thought about talking to Ashton?" I ask him.

He looks around the room, then at his homework, blowing out a puff of air, like he was avoiding the question. Then finally answering. "God, I don't know, I really don't. I mean I think there's feelings deep-

Clayton's cut off by my brother coming into the room, Ryan rolls his eyes, "seriously addy this again. You." He points at Clayton, "stop trying to get in my sisters pants and get out." He says pointing to the door.

Clayton god to stand up, I push him back down on the bed, "look Ryan you don't understand." I say, unsure if how to explain that Clayton is gay with out actually using those words. "Clayton's not- he's uh." I sigh. "The situation just isn't the same as it was before, just don't kick him out, we're friends okay. We aren't going to do anything."

My face drops, Clayton sighs, running his hands through his hair. "Addy it's okay, I'm- uh." He purses his lips together. "I don't really have any interest in Addy. Or girls for that matter." He states bluntly.

Ryan scrunches his face up. His eyes widen pretty quickly, after processing what has been said. "Oh, oh! Dude I'm so sorry, seriously I didn't know. If you ever need someone, I'm always here to talk alright." Ryan says.

I smile at my brother, he may seem like a tough nut, and a right asshole. But he's a genuine person. "Thanks Ryan, but I'd appreciate it if this is kept between the three of us. I'm not sure if I want this out yet." Clayton states.

Ryan nods his head smiling at Clayton, "okay buddy. Do you guys want food? I have pizza downstairs." Me and Clayton both mummer a 'yes', we both get up off the bed, and follow behind Clayton.

I see Nora right by my room. Only wearing Colton's T-shirt and a pair of underwear. I choose to ignore her walking right past. Colton walks out if his bedroom in just his boxers his hairs tousled, I here him groan, "he's still here? Addy really?" Colton complains.

I roll my eyes, giving Clayton an apologetic look. Clayton just shrugs. Nora lets out a malicious laugh. "Oh baby don't worry, little Clay over here, won't even try make a move on Addison. I mean you play for the other team don't you Clayton?" Nora plasters a sinister smirk on her face.

Everyone's silent,I feel my stomach drop, who knows what Nora is going to do with that information. But everyone knows that the sinister bitch will do something with it.

The colour from Clayton's face drains. I look over at Colton, he looks shocked, yet disgusted. "Nora out!" Colton points down the stairs, signalling for her to leave.

Nora puts on a softer face on, "baby, you don't mean that." She walks over to Colton's arm. Grabbing on it. Resting her check on his arm.

Colton pushes his arm off her, staring at her with disgust. "Your a nasty bitch. I was probably the last person Clayton wanted to know. It's his decision who he gets to tell and when he gets to say it. Not yours. Now get the fuck out of my house. I was planning on dumping your whiny ass anyways." Clayton leans back on the wall of the hallway.

Nora scowls at all of us. She lets out a shriek, before running Dow the stairs and straight to the front door. Not forgetting to slam it in the process.

Ryan and I glance at each other, before bursting out into fits of laughter. I can see Clayton giving us side glances. Probably confused as hell. Colton starts joining in with the laughter. All of us cackling until our faces turn red.

Clayton looks so confused. "Why the hell are you guys laughing?" He looks at us very frantically, before bursting in a fit of laughter with us. Honestly none of us are very sure. Just trying to lighten the mood. All three of us always do this, ever since we were children. It used to confused Elody a lot but she ended up getting used to it. When the situation is awkward, or makes uncomfortable, or is downright sad. We laugh. It's how we handle things.

Soon Clayton joins in, but he's more laughing at us than anything. The laughter dies down after a while, the good mood coming to an end. "Mate, I'm sorry Nora did that. I'm not sure what she's going to do with that information but she'll definitely be vengeful, so I wouldn't be surprised if it gets out, just pre-warning you." Colton says sympathetically.

Clayton nods his head, "don't worry I know. She a spiteful"- Clayton gets cut off by Ryan's phone ringing. Ryan lets out a sigh before grabbing his phone to pick up the call.

He pulls his phone out of his pocket, I expect him to answer it straight away, but he doesn't. He just stares at it, his eyebrows furrow together in an angry confused way. "Ry, what's wrong? Who's calling?" I ask. He stares at the phone, then shoots his head up.

"It's mom."

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