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The club is raging, lights are flashing, you can feel the heat from all the bodies that are squashed together on the dance floor.

Elody is pulling me over towards the bar, "wait, how are we supposed to get drinks we aren't even close to legal age." We stop in the middle of the dance floor since the only way to get to the bar is to make our way through the masses of people dancing at this new club.

Elody reaches inside her bag for her purse, pulling out two cards, in the darkness I couldn't quite make out what she was trying to show me, but then it clicked, "fake ids, where in the world did you manage to get those?" I ask or shout since the music was loud.

She laughs, continuing to drag me towards the bar, "I know a guy." She winks at me. This girl is so sketchy, sometimes I wonder about what she gets up to in her spare time.

We finally make our way through the masses of people towards the bar, I had no clue what to do from here, I'd never been to a club or a party, let alone even had alcohol.

Well that's a partial lie, Ryan allows me one beer here and there, but never to much, I understand why though, because if he allowed me to drink while he was throwing one of his parties who knows what could happen to me, but that doesn't mean he should be keeping me locked up while I'm sober.

Elody shouts over the bar to the Bar man asking for some tequila shots, since the music was so loud there was no way anyone could here anything, "I.ds?" The Bar man shouts over the bar back at Elody.

My whole body freezes, this is it, i'm going to get caught, the barman is going to get the club owner and tell him that we have fake I.Ds, and then they'll call the police and the police will call Ryan then Colton will get involved- oh no this isn't going to end well.

Elody hands over our fake ids, the bar man grabs them out of Elodys hand glancing at them for a mere second before throwing them back to us.

The bar tender hands us, two shots each before walking over to the other end of the bar, to serve the other people waiting to get a drink.

"What the fuck, I was positive we were going to get caught." I grab the shot glass from the counter, staring at the liquor in front of me, contemplating if coming was even a good idea.

"Yea I know I would have thought he'd study the id more, but I guess not- anyways, here's to you finally breaking the rules." Elody raises her shot glass, downing the liquor quickly then grabbing the other glass, and throwing it down her throat.

I quickly follow throwing the first shit down my throat, it burned, i swear for a moment I thought acid was sliding down my throat, but I quickly got used to it, then throwing back the next one.

"Shit I need some more, don't you? I'll get us some more drinks." She calls over the bar tender, while she orders us some more drinks I quickly take time to study the club.

It was very much like what you'd see in a movie, coloured lights flashing throughout the club, loud music, people grinding up against each other, couples making out around the walls, it was full on.

I spin the barstool back around to face the bar, to see that Elody had got us a selection of drinks for us, I definitely getting beyond drunk tonight.

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