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"you have to fucking kidding me."

I wince at how loud Elody was speaking, "Jesus Christ do you have to shout." She just giggles and shrugs her shoulders.

"But seriously you slept in the same bed as Colton Drake and your trying to tell me it's not a big deal." Her voice starts getting louder as the sentence went on.

I slapped my hand over her mouth "do you want to drag fucking crowds of people here." Obviously me whacking my hand over her mouth didn't work.

Of course like every single cliché scene in a movie over comes Colton's ex-girlfriend Nora Smith, nastiest girl you'll ever meet.

Ever since Colton's freshman year they have been on and off, constantly over at my house doing god knows what, and just like Colton, she always has some snarky comment to say.

But she only says things to me when she knows my brothers not around, she very much knows that she will not get away with disrespecting me in my own home with Ryan around.

She stands in front of Elody and I, her boobs busting out of her shirt, sitting in her usual slutty outfits, "what's was this I heard your little friend say about my Colton?" She points her finger at Elody with this malicious smirk on her face.

I don't say anything I just turn around on my seat on the bench from facing her, to facing my food, completely ignoring her, usually she will just scoff and stomp away.

But not today.

"Hey I'm fucking talking to you!" She screeches, I can already feel all these eyes on me, the idea that she's drawing way to much attention to me, makes me anxious, I've been so used to only being noticed by people with only Colton and Ryan around me.

I still keep quiet just hoping she'll walk away and leave it at that, "don't fucking ignore me!" She grabs my shoulder pulling me off my seat and making me fall on the ground.

I can feel tears prick my from the impact, of my body being forced into the ground, I keep my head down really trying not to give her the satisfaction of letting her see me cry.

It was hard

"What the fuck Nora!" I hear Elody shout, Nora ignores Elody.

She leans close into my ear, "If I fucking hear from anyone that you and Colton are getting involved in any way other than the fact that you guys live together, I'll do a lot fucking worse then what I've done now."

Satisfied with herself she smiles in Triumph walking away, I look up my cheeks wet with tears, I'm sure my cheeks were red and splotchy, everyone's eyes were on me.

Anticipating, waiting, the entire cafeteria was silent,
I think maybe they expected me to do something, but that's not me.

My eyes land on my brother and Colton both looking extremely worried obviously witnessing what's been happening, they both look at each other then get up out of there seats to come over to me.

"Addy, Jesus I'm so sorry, are you- are you okay?" Elody questions, I look at her then my brother and Colton making there way towards me, then everyone in the cafeteria.

Hot tears start streaming down my face again, making my eyes sting, I couldn't handle everyone looking at me, it was embarrassing I wanted nothing to do with it.

Being courageous wasn't my thing, sneaking out wasn't my thing, hooking up with boys isn't my thing, disobeying orders wasn't my thing and me doing all this has lead me to this moment.

To having Nora embarrass me In front of everyone.

I scramble to get up grabbing my bags of the table, had sprinting out of the cafeteria.

I make my way down the corridor heading for the doors so I can leave, someone grabs my hand, "Hey,hey,hey what's up?" I look over to the person who's speaking to me.

Clayton, just what I needed.

He studies my face seeing my swollen eyes, and my red, swollen, tear stained cheeks. "It doesn't matter you'll hear from someone what's happened, now if you'll excuse me." I pull my hand away from his, turning away.

"Addison, just talk to me." I hear him say. I don't. I turn around and run away heading straight for the doors, I hear him groan in frustration as I leave.

I'm quick to get out of school grounds, I decide I'm far enough away from all the embarrassment at school I've faced to start walking the rest of the way home.

It was nice, it was quiet, this is the one time that I'm Not around anyone, no Colton, no Ryan, no Elody, just me.

I hear a car come behind me which is weird seeing as this part of town and this street especially is pretty quiet during this time of day.

Pulling up in front of me is a familiar car, I just ignore it and keep walking forward and , not caring what he has to say.

The car's door open then slam shut, "adds, come here!" I keep walking, my head down, my feet keep getting faster with every step.

Obviously the fact that this boys an athlete he manage to spring informs of me stopping me, "What! Colton!" He looks taken back at my harsh tone of voice.

He grabs my hand but I quickly pull it away, "what happened back there with Nora?" I shake my head then pushing past him, to continue walking home.

I hear him sigh before doing another short sprint to get in front of me, "Fucking stop Addison, I swear to fucking god your going to tell me why she treated you like that and what she wanted! I'm not going to let her treat you the way she did in front of everyone!"

I scoff, "hasn't stopped you before!" His face softens from this stern frustrated look, to a remorseful look.

"What did she say addy, I'll fix it okay, I'll tell her to leave you alone, she won't ever bother you again." He looked very pleased with what he had said to me, kind of like an indirect apology about allowing Nora to do this to me before.

I nod at him looking down, "she said that if she ever found out that you and I were involved with each other in any way other then living with each other she'll do worse then what she had done to me before." Finally looking up at him.

His eyebrows draw together, "how, um, how did she find out about us you know sleeping in the same bed?" He questions, obviously unsure of how anyone knew.

I sigh, "Elody had asked me what happened after the club and obviously i had told her what happened and, um, wha-what happened after, and Nora heard." I nibble on my lip nervously.

My eyes widen and I realise that he could still possibly talk to her about things, "please, please don't say anything to her, look I know sometimes we don't get along but please, just do this one thing for me."

He nods his head, "okay, just get in the car I'll take you home." I smile at him and nod.

"Okay take me home."

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