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A D D I S O N   P A R K E R

"Will some one tell me what the fuck is going on?"

Ryan stares at us wide eyed, expecting an answer from us, "well!" He waves his hands in the air like a crazy person, making both Colton and I feel uncomfortable, and a little scared by him.

I place my hand on his arm, in an attempt to calm him down, "we'll chat when we get home, so we don't make another fucking seen at school." I purposely stare at Colton to emphasise the fact that he's not going to get off the hook for fighting Clayton.

We all hop in the car I ended up sitting in the back. With Colton and Ryan in the front. I kept getting weary glances from Ryan in the rearview mirror, I understand how he must be feeling, it'd be confusing and frustrating for him, not be able to know what's going on.

I also didn't miss the glances Colton and Ryan were giving each other, Ryan looked absolutely enraged with Colton, he obviously has an idea of what has happened after hearing the conversation, between Clayton and Colton during the fight. Colton kept looking at Ryan giving him apologetic looks.

After a long torturous drive, from school, we finally make it home, before Colton and I are able to hop out of the car Ryan has something to say, "the moment you guys step in that fucking door I expect answers okay?" He questions, we both nod our heads hoping out of the car.

I'm contemplating just standing still for a minute before I reach the front door, to allow myself more time to think of what to say to Ryan, but I know that would make the situation a whole lot worse, looking as if I don't want to talk to Ryan about what happened.

I don't want it to come across that Colton and I are interested in each other, because I'm sure as he'll know I'm not into him... I think?

It took us a while but in the end we all ended up sitting on the couch in the living room. "Okay now I really expect answers from you guys." Ryan states, raiding his eyebrows.

I let out a sigh, "we just had a moment at school we nearly, almost kissed then, we realised I didn't mean anything and we moved on, but obviously Colton being fucking Colton, like he always does winds people up and this is now the outcome." I shrug my shoulders.

I just hoped Ryan wouldn't ask for more detail because I really couldn't be bothered explaining it anymore then I have, "so Colton, I thought you two didn't get along?" I can see Ryan is trying to get more out of Colton rather then me.

He probably believes the reason behind, everything that's happened these past few days, and he honestly is, I mean if it weren't for Colton, Clayton wouldn't have had his heartbroken, I wouldn't be feeling guilty for breaking Clayton's heart. Both those boys wouldn't possibly be suspended from the game, and Ryan wouldn't be sitting here interrogating us.

Colton clears his throat, like he's about to blurt out an entire speech, "we, uh-we don't. We just had a moment and now it's over with, you know I wouldn't do that to you okay? I don't know what came over me, but I didn't like that you are allowing her to go out with him, because both you and I knew what he was like. I think I was just acting impulsively trying to find away from stopping them from going out. But in the end I felt guilty so I let it happen. We may not get along but I don't want her getting hurt." He admits.

Ryan nods his head, "okay, just no more of this, please. It'll be way to complicated if you two get involved with each other. And I wouldn't trust how I would react." Ryan was right it would be to complicated if we got involved with each other, and I know how infuriated he would be if he found out that we were seriously going to get involved with each other.

Ryan stands up holding his arms out to us, "you guys are my family, I love you." He gushes, I'm quick to embrace him into a hug, I can feel Colton wrap his arms around the both of us, resting his head on mine.

Colton lets out a sigh, trying to turn this sentimental moment into a joke.

I can feel Ryan's chuckle vibrate on my face, "fuck off Colton!" He laughs, we all laugh breaking away from our hug, "now I better not here anymore about you two kissing okay?" Ryan warns pointing his fingers between the two of us, raising his eyebrows.

I just giggled and nodded, Colton didn't say anything but just gave a small smile, "well later bitches I have homework to do and I should probably get to it." I say, before I grab my bag and run upstairs.

I settle myself on my bed scrolling through notes, finishing up some extra work, but obviously as I get into the routine of things someone has to come in and ruin it.

And that someone is Colton.

I shoot him a quick smile, "did you want something?" He doesn't say anything except clam his mouth shut tighter, she shuts the door to my bedroom quietly, and sits himself in my bed.

I roll my eyes and get back to my homework, not really caring if he stays or not. We sit there for a good minute or two before he speaks up, "did you mean it?"

I narrowed my eyes at him, unsure of what he's getting at, "mean what?" I question, he bites his lip, eyes darting around the room.

"That, that kiss or almost kiss, our moment, meant nothing to you?" I scrunch my eyebrows together. Is he serious? Is he genuinely asking me that question.

"Well it meant nothing to you so why should it matter if it means nothing to me?" I ask him, he stays quiet again looking around the room as if he's searching for some sort of answer to the question, that's so difficult to answer.

"Well maybe it didn't mean nothing to me."

There's something wrong with him.

Genuinely wrong.

I almost let out a scream, "are you joking right now? Are you seriously fucking joking? What the fuck goes through your head? I was willing to give up my chance with Clayton if you had just told me that our kiss meant something to you! And even when you said it didn't it still ruined my date with Clayton. You and I both had clarified that it meant nothing, so now after all this bullshit happens, now after we've cleared the air, you want to bring this up!"

He looked schooled by my reaction, I'm not sure what he expected but it defiantly wasn't what I had given, "look I just thought that, deep down something was there." He bites his lip again, nervous.

I let out a sigh, I can feel anger building up inside me, I could tear my room apart this very second, I'm more then easy to just have a tantrum, but I don't.

I just nod my head, allowing myself time to calm down, "okay, yea okay, maybe there was something there, but it's gone now, you had your shot." I say calmly, just wanting this to be over with.

He shakes his head, his nervous look disappears from his face and quickly turns into one of his devious little smirks, "Addy deep down we know that you will constantly give me more chances, to get with you, you know you can't keep away from no mister how much you say you detest me, something will always attract you to me, it's been the same since we were little." He gloats, by the tone of his voice a knee this serious conversation was coming to an end.

I roll my eyes, I'm calm at this point, surprising relieved at the fact Colton has gone back to his cocky self, even though most of the time he pushes me to my limit. "Mhmm, Okay Colton, we'll see about that." I say.

Colton just laughs and makes his way out of my room, once he does, I just collapse on my bed, today has been very overwhelming for me.

I'm very glad it's over.

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