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A D D I S O N  P A R K E R

"Are you going to let fucking go of me? Or are you going to fucking stare at me forever?" I shout in his face.

Who the hell does he think he is? Making a stupid comment like that. Leaving me to sprint in the house crying. Disappears for a few hours. Comes home drunk. Then accuses me of purposely trying to hurt him.

He's fucked in the head.

His eyes flicker down to my lips. As his grips on my wrists tighten. I was about to say another thing, until his lips crash against mine.

I find myself following along with what he's doing. It was like I couldn't resist his lips. But I can't let him just kiss away our problems.

He still has a grasp on my lips, with all my force I push my arms against his chest, separating our bodies.

Colton groans in frustration, "kiss me Addy." He pleads, pulling my wrists to crash his lips against mine again.

I don't resist this time, I just let it happen. I can taste the alcohol in his mouth the chances are he'll forget about this in the morning.

He lips move with the ruthless of mine, his hand slowly release their grip on my wrists as they grip my hips, he pulls my hips towards his so they press together, I can feel him get turned on.

He pushes my body onto the bed, carefully making sure not to put all his weight on top of me, using his hands that are on my hips to support my weight.

He continues to kiss me like he's savouring every second of me. And I do the same, because I know when he wakes up tomorrow, I'm going to be nothing to him again.

He pulls his mouth away from mine. I whine. I literally whine at the loss of contact, he makes up for it placing soft kisses down my neck, his hands start to hunch my shirt up, pushing it further and further to reveal my naked chest.

His lips move to my stomach continuing to place kisses on my stomach as he pushes my shirt up to fully expose my naked chest. I become impatient and rip my shirt off all together.

I suddenly start to realise what I'm doing, realising what I'm allowing now that my chests out on display for him.

Colton smirks a devilish smirk, making me want to give everything to him, then and there. But I know I'm not ready and especially not while he's drunk.

His free hand that isn't on my hip reaches up to my chest, going to touch it as he continues his assault on my stomach, but I quickly catch his wrists to stop him from taking it any further. He looks up at me as I shake my head I'm at him.

As if he suddenly sobered up his eyes widen. I knew that in the moment he had completely forgot that I was still a virgin. Even drunk I know he knows when he's taking it to far.

"I'm sorry." He slurs, still drunk. He picks my shirt up that's hanging half off my bed and hands it to me. I throw it on over my head.

What happened just before has really sinked. I can't let him keep doing this to me. I need to stand my ground I can't keep letting him kiss me and then act like everything is okay.

I sigh, running my hands through my now tangled hair. I stare at Colton who had been staring at me every since I turned him down.

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