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A D D I S O N  P A R K E R

After Colton told me to go to sleep, I fell asleep pretty quickly, only to be woke up by my phone going off. I look over at Colton I notice he's turned the movie off, and also looks like he's in a very heavy sleep.

I try not wake Colton up as I push myself out of his grasp lightly to grab my phone. I see many texts from Clayton and Elody and one from my brother. My eyes widen at the thought of my brother.

Shit he's meant to be back today. I quickly click on the message <I'm staying longer in Paris, Mom wants me to learn more about the business. I'm sorry. I love you.> It reads. I can't help but feel my heart sink.

It may sound selfish, but I don't understand why he would extend his trip, to help the woman who hurt me so badly.

I don't reply to his message because I can trust what I'll say to him. And I don't want to start ruining my relationship with my brother over my Mom. I know that's what will happen.

I click on Clayton's messages, nervous to see what the say. I know they'll be about Colton's fight.

<Addison where did you go?!!>

<Oh shit the principals here!!>

<Tobias's face looks absolutely beaten to the pulp. The principal is demanding to know what happened.>

<Shit he knows Colton's done it!>

<Answer your phone!>


<Omg, everyone's defending Colton. What the hell>

<Everyone's saying Tobias provoked him!!>

<No fucking way!!>

<He said he didn't want to deal with Colton's parents if the fight was a two way thing he's not punishing either of them!!>

I let out breath of relief when we read that last text. I'm so surprised, a fight was cause on school property between two students, and he's letting them off Scott free.

<Wow we have a shit principal> I laugh at that last text. It couldn't be more true, I mean come on that's just lazy, you should be punishing both boys no matter who their parents are. But I can't say I'm not happy about it either.

My laugh at Clayton's text, seemed to have woken Colton up. I watch him stir in his sleep before slowly opening his eyes. "Sorry for waking you go back to bed." Knowing he's still tired.

He nods his head closing his eyes again. I open Elodys messages. They say the same things as Clayton's so I just leave them. I put my phone down on my bedside. I rest my head on Colton's exposed chest, his arms instinctively come to wrap around me.

"Who were you texting?" His voice is croaking from just waking up. I look up at him but his eyes are still closed.

"Clayton, he said the principal isn't giving either you or Tobias a punishment because he doesn't want to deal your parents." Colton lets out a chuckle.

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