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A D D I S O N   P A R K E R

I quickly make my way up our short driveway, heading the front door, I grab the spare key that's sitting under doormat, quickly unlocking the front door.

All my mind was on right now was getting into my room, and having a big sulk, all I wanted to do was sit and eat ice cream.

My phone buzzes at a sudden text, I rolled my eyes, not really wanting to bother with whoever's texting, but then it continued to Vibrates. I let out a massive groan ready to tell the person who's texting me to fuck off, i check the ID of the person who's texting me I see it's Elody.

Elody:<Addison Parker>
Elody:<I have big news>
Elody:<so reply>
Elody:<like right now>


Elody:<there's a new club opening and we HAVE TO go!>

Addison:<you know my brother would never ever let me go.>

Elody:<that's why you sneak out.>

I sit there for a bit contemplating what Elody was saying, sneaking out would get me into even more shit with Ryan.

But honestly right now I'm so mad and infuriated that I couldn't careless If Ryan got mad at me, I should be able to go to parties and not have someone watching my every move.

I text her back a quick 'okay' before chucking my phone on the floor, after I sent that text a feeling of satisfaction washed over me.

I was finally about to go against my brother, sneak out of the house, not allowing anyone to control my life, I'm sixteen years old I should be free to do anything, Ryan wasn't constantly locked up in his bedroom when he was my age.

Ryan when he was sixteen did whatever the fuck he pleased, him and Colton were always did what they liked and they didn't care about the consequences I want to live that kind of life, where I can just not give a fuck.

I hear the front door open, and two deep voices echoing through the house, Ryan and Colton are home.

I know one of them will come up here if not both, like they always do when I sulk, Ryan comes to get me out of my bad mood or make me feel better, and Colton comes to piss me off even more.

Usually if I don't talk to either of them they get the idea that I want to be left alone and leave me be in my room, it's the perfect chance for me to sneak out tonight.

As expected, there's a knock on my door, "Adds it's Ryan I'm coming in." He starts to turn the door knob but I quickly run to the door and hold it shut.

Childish I know, but him and Colton are two of the last people I want to talk to.

"Come on let me in please, Addy I just love you to much to see you get hurt, now stop overreacting." Trust Ryan to try to apologise but only make things worse for himself.

"Fuck off!" That seemed to do it, Ryan sighs then I hear the faint noise of footsteps, and then it's quiet, I quickly push my body up off the door and walk back to my bed.

I grab my phone of the floor, texting Elody about how she'll have to pick me up from further down the street, until I hear Colton's elephant get stomping up the stairs.

I flop face first on my pillow, letting out a frustrated scream, with great timing of course Colton's going to be up with his usual tormenting and constant snarky comments.

He opens my bedroom door lying down next to me on my bed, I still keep my face in the pillow, I hear him chuckling.

"Addison hiding your face won't make you any prettier." He taunts, of course, Colton couldn't possibly continue to be nice to me after telling me he cares about me, no he has to be an asshole still.

I still keep my face in the pillow, "well I just wanted to say make sure not miss me to much tonight, I'm going out, and getting laid, but that's something you won't understand isn't, Virgin Mary." Colton pats my head.

The bead bounces when Colton rolls off it, he's such a fat ass, my bedroom door slams, I quickly grab my phone, checking the time, it's almost 7:00 and Elody had decided she's picking me up at 8:00.

I hear the front door slam, I realise that must mean Colton's left, I sigh in relief because I knew if he were going to be here tonight I think sooner or later I would have been caught.

I run downstairs, to talk to Ryan because I think that he'll try to come into my room later on tonight, I see him leaning on the island bench, with his phone in hand.

I go slide myself next to him, resting my head on my chin, "look I'm not upset with you, I just feel like I have no freedom, so just for tonight can you just leave me be and just let me sulk in my room." Ryan turns his head towards me.

"I just could never bare to see you hurt, but okay, I'll give you your space, tonight." Me and Ryan laugh, because we both knew he couldn't do more then 12 hours without having to check up on me.

Ryan pulls me into a hug kissing the top of my head, "I love you okay, now head up to room, I'll leave you alone." Ryan releases me, pushing me like an indication to go back up the stairs.

"I love you too Ry."


I pick up my phone, checking the time, it's 8:00 now, I'm already dressed and ready to go, I text Elody asking if she's outside.

What's I get the text saying she is I quickly make my way towards the window, just to be sure I did put a few pillows in my bed and chuck the covers over and turn the lights to my room off so in case Ryan walked in to have peek inside my room to see if I'm okay, he'd have the idea that I'm still there.

I take my heels off because I don't want to break my ankles before I get to the club, I quickly stretch my legs from the window to the tree right by it, (how convenient) grabbing the branch that's above my head.

Now this next part is easy jumping off the tree, unfortunately I'm afraid of heights, and jumping off extremely high things, so this prat is a challenge.

I manoeuvre my way down the tree trying to get as far down the tree as possible before I jump, I look down seeing that the drop doesn't seem as high anymore.

So I quickly hop down from the tree, and running to Elody a car which was thankfully exactly where she said she would park it, I open the door to the passenger seat, quickly getting inside next to Elody, because I don't feel like getting caught by brother sneaking out because he just happened to look out the window and see me, (it's happened more times then you think).

Elody sat there for a bit just grinning at me, "well you haven't made me sneak out just to sit there and smile at me hurry up and drive!" Elody quickly snaps her head to face the front of the road, still got the same smile on her face, she starts the ignition, quickly starting our journey to club.

I'm going to be in for one hell of a night.

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