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I head down the stairs of my house seeing the boys already setting up for the party, setting up cups, and the music and lights and all that shit.

They throw the best parties in school, well from what I've heard, since I've never actually experienced one of them I just hear the gossip when I'm at school next.

Not even Elody goes, well that's mostly because of me, since she's my best friend we made pact freshman year that said neither of us will go to a party unless the others going.

I slide into the kitchen grabbing a beer hopping that no one will notice me and I can manage to stay out for the party.

The beverage is cold in my hand, I keep the beer bottle in my hand searching for something to open the beer with, until I feel the cold drink slide out of my hand, making my hand wet and slippery.

I look up from my hand to see Ryan standing there with the beer I just had, giving me a look that says 'no way your going to get away with this', "nope, up to your room for you." He says putting beer on the island bench trying to push me upstairs.

I wouldn't budge, I held on to anything I could see, this was almost like a traditionI come downstairs to one of their parties try to stay but end up having my brother push me upstairs, he usually gets me upstairs by now, but I was determined to stay.

My brother, is basically my best friend, brother, babysitter and both my parents in one whole package, he'd go to extreme lengths to protect me.

Well as you can tell.

"I'm only two years younger then you why aren't you letting me stay for one party?" I whine, I'm never going to experience anything if they try to protect me all the time.

What happens when they leave for college and I'm here alone, I'm going to go to party and not know how to protect myself because I've had two very well known and feared boys protect me and shelter me all my life.

"I don't need to see my little sister getting hurt, okay? Our parties get wild and I'd hate for you to get caught up on the wrong end of it." He tried pushing me one last time but officially gave up.

I sighed thinking finally I was going to be able to stay for one of their parties but unfortunately not, "Colton!" My brother shouts.

I hear Colton's, loud clown feet thud through the kitchen, he is honestly a fucking elephant.

I turn around to face both of them in the kitchen, Colton smirks, "come on you whiny Bitch upstairs you go." He says gesturing his arms up hopefully thinking I'd get the idea, since usually something like that would have anyone sprinting up the stairs, I don't move.

He sighs smirking, he starts walking towards me , I give him a look that tells him to fuck off, he doesn't, I try to make a sprint for the living room where it would be harder for him to get me, but he's already got a good grip on my arm,and before I could react i'm slung over his shoulder, I squeal.

I can almost feel his smirk, and it makes me want to punch him so hard in the balls that he can't have babies.

Colton chuckles, "come one adds haven't you learnt by now, I'm always going to be better then you." God his ego is way to big.

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