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I didn't do much after Colton stormed out of my room, I texted Tobias telling him I'd be coming over to his house for dinner around six.

It's nearing that time, I quickly hop in the shower, let the hot water relax my tense muscles. I wonder what's going to happen now, with Colton?

I'm sure he'll just ignore me for a few days and the go back to being flirty with me. Then as the cycle goes we'll argue, ignore each other for a few days. Then the cycle repeats.

It's draining, I don't know why I'm bothering.

He'll never change.

I quickly hop out of the shower, wrapping a towel around my body, and one in my damp hair.

My feet pad lightly across the floor as I run into my room, desperately trying to avoid Colton. But knowing my luck I get the fright of my life when I turn around seeing Colton sitting on my bed.

In the process nearly causing me to drop my towel but I manage to keep ahold of it just enough.

Colton let's out a loud breath, "don't do it Addy." He says so quietly. I tilt my head in confusion, unsure of what he's hinting at. "Don't go on a date with him, please don't." He pleads.

I'm taken aback at his soft tone, I don't think I've ever heard in all my sixteen and a half years of knowing him. "I can't keep doing the Colton." I mumble, keeping my eyes trained on the ground.

He sighs running through his hair. "I know, I know, goddammit, I know." He says. "I know that I've been pulling you back and forth." He admits.

He comes towards me, resting his hand on my cheek, his thumb brushing my jaw like he does all the time. "I'm done with it Addy, I'm so done. I've been so caught up in trying to make sure I didn't piss your brother off, that I was hurting you in the process." He sighs.

He leans in kissing my forehead. "I've had so many girls Adds, so fucking many." I cringe beginning to pull away from him, but his hand slides from my jaw to the back of my neck, pulling me into his hard chest, his arm wrapping around my waist.

He rests his cheek on my head. "None were you, none have ever compared to you. When I'm with those other girls, all I think of is you. I see your blue eyes, your tan skin, your golden hair. It's all been you." He cups my jaw tilting my head up to meet his eyes.

"I've always liked you." That one sentence took my breath away.

His fingers tangle in my hair. " I remember when you were five on my seventh birthday. And you were wearing that ridiculous pink dress, that your mum forced you in." He laughs, shaking his head at the memory.

"And you gave me that toy I'd been wanting all year. At that point I'd already been developing a little crush on you, and it escalated when you handed me that. Me being me decided to confine in my best friend, only to be told that if I didn't stop liking you, then I couldn't be friends with Ryan anymore." He sighs.

He tucked a loose strand of hair behind my ear, "Even at seven I knew, it was either loose you as a friend or loose you forever. And I couldn't risk loosing Ryan and you." He softly kisses my mouth.

I revel in the feeling, of his tender kiss. These are emotions I've never had from Colton, and I'm enjoying them.

"I've pushed my feelings down for years, I've been forced to watch you grow into the person you are today, I've had to watch numerous boys make their moves on you. And there was only so much I could with out Ryan breathing down my neck."

He laughs, "but thank the fucking lord that Ryan couldn't stand it as much as I could." He kisses my cheek. "I like you so much Addison, and these feelings are ones I don't understand."

He wraps his arms around me and buries his head into my neck, "please, bare with me." He asks, pressing a light kiss on the skin of my neck.

"Say something?" He mumbles, realising I've been silent this entire time.

I sigh pulling away from him, he frowns slightly. "I won't lie to you I've despised you for years now." His frown becomes even heavier. I resist the urge to roll my eyes.

"What would you expect Colton, I mean yeah, don't get me wrong, just like you I've always had a crush on you. But being five or six years old never fully understanding why you hated me all of sudden, ignited those feelings." I state.

"If your going to break my heart Colton, please don't bother." I sigh, weary about my decision.

He comes back over to me, kissing me with such intensity I might melt. "I will never hurt you with intention again." He promises.

"Please don't go." He adds, looking down at me.

I shake my head at him, "I won't." I reply, I step away from him.

He smiles, a big smile. But that quickly falters as he realised something. I feel my heart sink to my stomach.

"We can't tell anyone Addy, seriously. I need both you and Ryan in my life. But if Ryan finds out about this, I'll loose you both." He says worryingly.

I roll my eyes at him, "god do you really think I'm stupid. I know he's my brother but I may loose him to if I'm not careful. It's not just me he's always worried about in this house. He's just as much my brother as he is yours. We can both loose him." I realise.

Colton pulls me into another hug. "This can go so awfully wrong, but I'm done trying to stop something that's inevitable."

He pulls me into a hug for a little while longer before I push him away.

"Now get out of my room, so I can change please." I demand.

He playfully pouts at me. "Why can't I stay, your my girlfriend now. I have a right to see you change." He says.

My heart flutters when he calls me his girlfriend. But that doesn't mean I'm going to put up with his shit still. "Shut the fuck up and get out." I laugh.

He holds his hands up in surrender, walking out of the room and shutting the door.

"If your not done in two minutes, I'm coming in whether your naked or not." He calls out from outside of the room.

I laugh, finally feeling content with where we are at.

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