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A D D I S O N   P A R K E R

A/N I changed the sort Colton and Ryan played to lacrosse to emphasise the fact that they are popular seeing that Football is a bigger sport in high schools in America

Another hot sticky afternoon, waiting for my brother to finish football training so we can go home, I can feel the moisture on my skin just from sitting and waiting.

Unfortunately, I don't have a car yet, so my brothers my personal chauffeur sometimes, which means working around my brothers crazy schedule, since he won't let me even come close to touching even the keys of his precious car.

Elody had ultimately decided today was the day of all days that she was not going to drive me home from school. The bitch. So I'm going to be stuck in the car with my brother Ryan Parker and his best friend Colton Drake.

Colton Drake, Is the most egotistical arrogant prick I have ever met, words can't seem to describe how much anger I have toward Colton Drake.

I've known Colton ever since I was born, he's been best friends with my brother since they were born, in fact we were all friends, we used to play together as children.

But they boys grew up, they no longer wanted to hang out with me and Colton started seeing me as his best friends annoying little sister.

And then and there, when the boys no longer decided they wanted to hang out with me had started a feud between Colton and I that has been going on for fourteen years, I'm now and sixteen and my brother and Colton are seventeen going on eighteen soon.

I must admit Colton Drake has some extremely blessed genes, but that does not mean I like him in the slightest.

He's the talk of the school, him and my brother of course, both of them being football legends, they are most ultimately the rulers of Central High.

The teachers adore Colton, he could get away with murder at this school, he just gives the teachers a chance flash of his 'oh so charming smile' and he's sweet, plus his parents basically own the school.

And it's not only the staff at the school the boy has wrapped around his sticky little fingers. Girls fall at his feet, including my best friend Elody Brown, even though she knows how I feel about him.

He will hit on any girl in sight, what a pig. And for some reason girls seem to dig the whole he'll fuck you once and then never talk to you again idea, that doesn't stop some of the girls from trying to come back for more.

He's also your typical bad boy, he drinks, fucks around with girls and breaks their hearts, rides a motor bike, the kind that you mum always tells you to stay away from.

Yet its almost impossible for me to be able to keep myself far enough away from the egotistical prick. He basically lives at our house, no exaggeration, he has a room in our house with most of his shit in it.

He can't stand his parents in slightest, his parents are your classic, I'm rich and I'll flash my money in front of the faces of the people who don't have a lot because I'm better then them type.

They a horrid, and I can understand why he doesn't want to live with them, but I don't appreciate the fact that he's situated himself in my house.

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