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The car ride him with Colton after the incident at the club, was silent.

Thankfully Colton decided he wouldn't tell Ryan what I had been doing, he decided to help me sneak back in as well.

Colton decided he was going to distract Ryan by heading through the front door, while I climbed back  up the tree, I was extremely frightened leaning across the tree into my bedroom window.

Knowing that if my foot slipped slightly I would fall to my death, well not really to my death but enough to give me a few scratches and bruises and enough for Ryan to hear and see me.

But I managed to get through safely, it's been at least three hours since I snuck back in the house, everything is dead silent.

I'm tucked up in my covers only in sweats and a large t shirt, for the last three hours I'd just been re-living what had happened tonight.

This is why Ryan never liked me going to parties, or drink even, I understood it now, how vulnerable I could be, how easy it was to take advantage of me, I'd hate to admit it but Colton was right, both him and Ryan maybe only a year older then me but there's a big difference between them drinking and me drinking.

My bedroom door is slowly opened, creaking extremely loud in the process, someone steps out from behind the door quickly closing it behind them.

I couldn't see their face but I knew it was Colton, just by the shape of the body and also the fact that only Ryan and Colton were the only other two people in the house so it had to be on of them.

My bed dips as Colton lies himself on the top of the covers, since I was lying on my back I roll my body to the side so I'm facing him.

"Hey" he whispers, his hands sat behind his head, still laying on his back he looks over at me, "what are you doing in here?" I whisper back to him.

He shrugs his shoulders at me, "I'm don't know, I can't sleep, been thinking about what could have happened to you if I wasn't there."

I roll over so I'm lying on my back again, I rest my hands on my stomach, staring up at the ceiling, Colton shuffles around trying to shift his body further onto the bed, having to make me move further along my bed.

Luckily it was a queen bed otherwise I wasn't sure whether we would be able to both fit on it otherwise.

The room was filled with complete silence both of us not saying anything, "uh thanks tonight, for saving me I guess." I turn my head towards him as he does the same.

"Like I said we may not get along but I care about you adds a lot more then you know." We just look at each other neither of us sure if what the next move from here is.

Then eventually I turn myself around so my back was facing him, I let out a massive yawn, "did you know if Elody is okay?"

He purses is lips together, "yea Ashton took her to his place she's staying with him, I'm sure she's safe addy you don't need to worry okay." I turn back to him nodding my head, He starts shuffling in closer to me.

He puts his arm on my waist, "I'm tired." He mumbles closing his eyes, pushing his head into my pillow, obviously trying to make himself comfortable.

I roll my eyes patting him on the shoulder, "right buddy don't you want to go back to your own room?" He opens his eyes, shaking his head.

"Nope." He says before closing his eyes up again, he keeps a tighter grip on my waist pulling me in closer, he shuffles down the bed a bit, so his head is resting under my chin.

Good lord, is he sick or something.

"Colton mate, go back to your room." I try to push him off me but he holds me tighter, "I wanna make sure your safe tonight, I'm not leaving you, so your just going to have to put up with it, bitch."

I scoff at him, "is the cuddling necessary?" I ask him, he just looks at me, roll his eyes and pulls me in even closer.

"Yes it is, just in case someone takes you out of my arms I'm fully aware of it." I decide against protesting and just let my eyes close.


"What the actual fuck is going on here!"

Both Colton and I jolt up,in the process of us being woken up alarmingly, we smack our heads against each other.

We both groan, I look up rubbing my head and as expected I saw an extremely angry Ryan.

I look over at Colton, he's already looking back at me, I let out a massive sigh, there's no way that we were going to get out of the situation by lying, honestly I don't even know why we're in this situation.

"Okay Ryan there's no way I can justify this with lying so, last night I snuck out with Elody we went to the new club that was opening up, we had a little bit to drink and were dancing with some guys, Elody was dancing with your friend Ashton and I was dancing with some other guy and if it weren't for Colton I probably would have been taking advantage of."

Ryan just stared at me in disbelief, "so your telling me,that you broke my trust to sneak out to a club, and almost have happen to you what I've been trying protect you from!" I wince at his voice tone.

"This still doesn't explain what your doing in my sisters bed." He points at Colton, Colton looks up shocked kind of like he he handy been here this entire time.

He snaps out of it quickly, "look what happened, or nearly happened to adds scared me, and I couldn't get any sleep tonight knowing unless I knew she was safe, so I came into her room, and we fell asleep, then you found us like this."

Ryan gives us a quizzical look not sure whether to believe it or not, "Ry your my best friend, my brother I would never ruin your trust like that okay? I've said it before and I'll say it again." Colton defends.

Ryan's body relaxes, "okay, I love you guys." He looks at us, "we love you too Ry." I speak for the both of us, Ryan nods his head walking out of the room.

I let out a big release of breath flipping on my bed, "right later adds, I've got shit to do." Colton stands up walking out of my room closing the door behind him.

He saved me from getting taken advantaged of, he slept with me to make sure I was safe, yet I still think he's an asshole.

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