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A D D I S O N   P A R K E R

My face is still pressed into my pillow, it probably has an indent shaped the same as my face, I've been lying like this for at least an hour, getting lost in my own thoughts.

I lifted my head to turn my neck to face my bed side table with my phone sitting on it, I press the home button to see if I had any texts. I only had one from Ryan just telling me him and Colton has gone out and won't be back for a while.

I huff, finally deciding that it's one for me to get off my ass and actually do something, I grab my phone pulling it off my charger, unfortunately I got off my bed to quickly, so my vision was blurry and my head started pounding, but that feeling wore off quickly.

I slowly made my way out of my bedroom and down the stairs, careful not to make myself dizzy again, I run into the kitchen, in desperate need for some food.

I start rummaging through the pantry, not finding anything that I think will fulfil me, I quickly move to fridge, I find some left over pasta from the night before.

Finally feeling satisfied with choice I had made I make my way over to the microwave, I feel a hand on my shoulder, which shocks me seeing as I thought that there was no one home.

I also end up throwing the container of pasta up in the air, which causes it to drop on the ground and spill everywhere, I bend down to go clean up my delicious pasta that I was very ready to eat, I almost forget there was someone behind me.


I let out a big sigh, turning around to see whoever is in my home, it could be anyone seeing as Ryan and Colton are out, when I turn around I'm a little confused why I'm staring at someone's feet, but I realise I'm still crouching down.

I quickly shoot up trying to save myself from being totally and utterly embarrassed. I meet my eyes with whoever's standing in front of me, but I quickly wish I had kept picking up my pasta.

"Aren't you meant to be out, you know with Ryan?" I pull my eyebrows together in confusion, I tilt my head a little trying to figure out why he is here.

He looks around the room a bit, before finally deciding to answer my question, "I uh, I went out with Ryan, but decided to come back." He sounded very nervous.

I roll my eyes, folding my arms over my chest, "and you had to bother me why?" I ask, I make my statement blunt and to the point, to help him understand that I truly didn't want to talk to him.

He lets out a big sigh, rolling his eyes at me like I did at him, "look I just wanted to talk to you about, what happened when you got home, you know with Nora." He raises his eyebrows biting his lip a little.

I have to admit it was an attractive sight, but I was still fuming over what he did, but obviously I was going to play off like it didn't matter, "yeah well it doesn't matter anyways, remember what 'happened between us' didn't matter, so why should I care if you were making out with Nora." I shrug my shoulders.

He purses his lips together, "look I said that because-  I help my hand up to stop him, I had really no interest in hearing what he had to say, because I had the feeling if he said anything to defend over, I'd be falling for it in a heartbeat.

"No, nope don't make excuses for actions, you face the consequences for what you did, I don't care why you did it. You choose to bring her over out of spite to be malicious or whatever, but you can face the consequences. Anyways I'm going back upstairs seeing as you ruined my dinner, so please don't talk to me while I'm up there."  I quickly slide past him and run upstairs.

After a good hour or two of sitting on my bed scrolling through my phone, I hear a knock on my door, I grab my pillow behind me and slam it across my face, "go away Colton!" I shout, I know it's him because I haven't heard the front door open yet, plus I heard Colton's elephant feet stomp up the stairs.

He ignores me anyways opening the door, the first thing I see is a bowl, then pops out Colton's head, he clears his throat awkwardly when he's in view, "since I ruined your dinner I thought I'd make so more of the pasta I made last night."  Stretching his arm indicating for me to take the bowl.

I sit there for a minute avoiding Colton's gaze, but like anyone my hunger got the best of me, I stand up grabbing the bowl out of his hand, I quickly plop myself back on my bed, I shoo Colton away with my hand.

He sighs, but he doesn't move he stays where he is, "Adds Can we please just move past this, I mean we established that, that kiss, it didn't mean anything. And you and Clayton seem to be getting on well, I didn't want to get in the way of that, and Nora's irrelevant,so you know let's just be friends?" He asks, in fact is whole statement came out like he was questioning what he was saying.

He holds his hand out expecting me to shake it in some kind of truce, "right, Colton friends, you know like we're before when you hit me in the head with a football, when you made fun of me, when you brought Nora over after you told me you and her were nothing, after she embarrassed me in front of  the whole school, yeah friends Colton, because all of that I just said yeah that's what friends a for right?"

The tone in my voice was mean and harsh, and his face seemed to drop, but he pulled himself together quickly, he nods his head before walking out of my room.

"Uh Colton!" I shout not knowing how far away he is from my room, obviously not far seeing as he's back in my room within a second, "thanks you know, for making me dinner." I say awkwardly.

His face was full of hope but that quickly disappeared, "your welcome." He says walking out my room, with his head down.

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