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Travelling to school was awful.

Colton has to give me a ride seeing as I don't have a car and Ryan's car is at the airport. Plus I'm not sure if a bus even comes down my street, seeing as they probably assume half of the kids who live here have there own car or person chauffeur.

Anyways, the ride was beyond awkward, we sat there in complete silence, there wasn't even any music playing in the car. The slightest movement would cause us to look at one another in that awkward way people do.

He still looks hurt by what I said last night and I still feel guilty for it.

Once I get to school, I'm quick to find Elody and Clayton. I needed to get away from Colton.

I notice all the funny stares and whispers around us. What Clayton had failed to mention yesterday is that Nora had outed him to the entire school. Just to get back at Colton and I.

I felt terrible for him, not only was I the reason everyone now knows he gay, but that was his moment. He should have been the one to decide when and where he wanted to say it and who he wanted to tell. And that an opportunity she took away from him, one he can never get back.

And that made me beyond angry with her and myself.

Clayton wasn't fazed though. He shrugged his shoulders and told me everything happens for a reason.

I know he's upset though, but he's probably more relived it hasn't affected Ashton. He really does want their relationship to work. And if that were Ashton in this situation, it probably would have ruined there relationship.

Ashton's just not as ready as Clayton is to admit to everything.

First period was torturous and slow. The teacher yapped on about absolute nonsense. Most the time I'm pretty excited to learn, but lately the excitement has quickly faded.

In between first and second period, I watched Colton crack on with some random girl.

I just stood there and watched them as she laughed at something Colton has said. I can't be angry at him or feel betrayed by him I brought this upon myself, but it can still hurt to watch.

It actually pained me to watch, I felt my stomach twist and my chest tighten.

I really didn't want to cry, I really didn't want admit to what all this meant. What I was feeling meant.

But the moment my vision became blurry I really couldn't stop the tears from trickling down my cheek.

I know he knew I was watching them, but he continued on talking to her. Playing with her hair. Touching her. Whispering things in my ear.

I couldn't force myself to look away, I sat there and watch them not matter how much it's pained me. The only thing the tore my gaze away from them was the bell to second period.

Every period until lunch time my mind wander to Colton, I really could not think of anything else. No matter how hard I tried focus on what my teachers were saying or think about something else. My mind wouldn't allow it.

Lunch time rolled around. I was so sick of everyone at this school. Even my own friends, everything was constantly irritating me, I was so scared I was going to snap and scream at someone.

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