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A D D I S O N  P A R K E R

It took a while, but Colton and Ryan managed to clean the house, returning most of it back to it's normal state.

I died watching them wake up, hungover and still slightly drunk people. Screaming at them to get out of the house, as their faces became confused and unaware of there surroundings.

Ryan was trying to be sneaky about it. But I caught him trying to sneak Emily Howard. Cheerleading captain and a senior. Out of his room.

I wanted to tease him so bad after I saw him blush, when she gave him her number and kissed him goodbye, as he was seeing her out the door.

But I knew he'd kill me if I he found out I saw that. He thinks he's got everybody fooled with his tough guy act. But not me.

It's six fifteen currently. Colton has left the house saying he was 'going out'. Ryan didn't question it in the slightest probably thought he was going to find another conquest.

At least in hope that's not what I am.

Colton: <say your going out with your creepy friend or some shit, and meet me at the corner>

I roll my eyes at this text he's so demanding. But nevertheless, I hop off my bed considering I'm already changed and ready to go, making my way down the stairs.

I don't make it very far, before I take a stumble down the stairs. I can feel myself already brushing in the spots, that hit the ground hard.

"What the fuck what's tha- holy shit are you okay?" I hear my brother exclaim, as he turns the corner. He studies me for a second before helping me get up.

He picks up the hem of my dress in disgust. "Where do you think your going dressed like this?" He asks.

I swat his hand away. "I'm going out with Elody, bye." I say. I quickly kiss his check. Picking up my stuff I had dropped and make my way out of the house as quick as possible before he can reply in protest.

I feel my stomach twist and turn as I make my way down the street to the corner of it to meet Colton. I'm not sure what he has planned.

Many negative thoughts running through my mind. What if he's trying to use me? What if he's taking me somewhere to embarrass me?

But I know thinking like this while ruin the date completely. I don't know where this will go with Colton. And I'm not hundred percent sure how much I like him. But I shouldn't let something stop from happening.

I can already see Colton's car, parked in at the corner of the street like he'd said he be. I felt my whole body loosen when I saw he hadn't stood me up.

I pull open his car door and slide myself into the passengers seat. I cross my seatbelt over myself and buckle it in, very hurriedly.

Finally after all that I take one glance at Colton to see he's already got him annoying smirk plastered on his face. "Nervous." He teases. I shoot him a glare huffing a crossing my arms across my chest.

I then flick my head back at him. "It should you who's nervous, Mr 'I don't date.'" I shoot him a sarcastic smile. He just rolls his eyes.

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