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I've been lying in Colton's bed all morning, I'm not sure what the time is because my phone was left in my room back at home, but I know it's been a while.

Last night was probably the most terrible nights of my life, I felt embarrassed that Clayton had to see that I fact that everyone had to see Colton chuck me over his shoulder and hear me screech at the top of my lungs for him to put me down.

Colton's bedroom door smacks open, make my heart stop for a second from pure fright, I turn my head to the door expecting to see Colton who's probably decided to come in here and be an asshole, but's not.

I see Ryan, who I can tell is fuming from what happened last night.

He didn't exactly hear the news in the best way, I had assumed Colton had told Ryan about the whole Clayton thing, when he has told me he had texted Ryan, but apparently not.

Colton had texted Ryan some bullshit story about how the party was getting crazy and he decided that I'd be safer at his house.

Then when the party was over and everyone had left the house, Ryan had shit Colton a quick text just to check up on how I was, and apparently then Colton decided to was the right time to tell Ryan tg actual story.

So I had a tired colton walk into my room with a not so happy Ryan on the phone, who was off his nut on the phone, shouting at me about how could I 'be so naive and stupid to let a slightly intoxicated boy into my room (even though Clayton wasn't), where there was no one to protect me and I could have easily been taken advantage of.'

Ryan talks crap.

And of course I was to tired to comprehend what Ryan was saying, after being not even half asleep, probably 3/4 asleep, and listening to my brother shout at me through the phone.

"Do you even fucking know why Colton and I keep you locked up in your room at parties, do protect from the dumb shit that happens when you mix drunk dumb hormonal teenage boys with innocent girls like you." Ryan started.

"Can't you see I've just been trying to protect you, gosh and I find out you've been making out with Clayton Posey, that boy is fucking trouble." I roll my eyes.

"Shut up Ryan, I'm a teenage girl let me fucking live my life like any other teenager should, your not my fucking dad, and if were you'd be a shit father as well you can't even fucking protect me." Ryan looked taken a back at that statement.

I knew that would hurt him, and I started feeling guilty now that I've said it, but he can just go around trying to keep away from every single boy that even glances in my direction.

Getting annoyed of Ryan's constant sharp looks, I stand up quickly, throwing the covers off my body only to realise I'm in Colton's shirt, that's not going to go down well with Ryan.

Ryan has never liked the thought of me wth any boy, but the thought of me with Colton is worse to him, he may be my brothers best friend, but even Ryan understands that Colton's track record with girls isn't the cleanest, and he doesn't want me involved in that.

I look up to see Ryan even more infuriated then he was before, "Colton Drake! Get fucking up right now." Whenever my brothers mad his voice seems to like going an octave lower then normal.

There's no point in me trying to defend myself because my brothers way to infuriated with me to believe anything I say, so I'm going to let Colton deal with this issue.

The room is filled with a silence and all you can hear is the loud thud of Colton's clown feet stomping up the stairs.

You'd expect for Colton to be a star athlete at our school, he wouldn't be so short of breath running up the stairs, but what's in front  of me proves otherwise.

He looks like he's just run a marathon, he leans against the door frame of his bedroom with one arm above his head, panting extremely loud.

Lazy bugger.

Ryan looks Colton up and down, and just to my luck Colton is shirtless, and only in his boxers.

I'm pretty sure Ryan has no clue whether Colton was in a different room or not considering Colton may have a key to our house but neither Ryan or I have a key to Colton's, so Ryan couldn't have gotten in on his own free will and seen that Colton and I were in different beds.

"You want to explain why my baby sister is in your t shirt while your half naked." He pauses analysing the situation, "god no wonder you took her home you wanted to get in her pants just like the Clayton Posey kid, fuck I know you have this whole thing of sleeping with every girl in sight, but why my fucking sister!" Ryan's voice keeps getting louder with each word he speaks.

Ryan starts heading towards Colton, but Colton was quick to reacting, "dude I'd never! I slept in the spare room, and Addy is only wearing my t shirt because I wasn't going to let her sleep in the uncomfortable she had on." Colton defended.

"And I'd never do that to you! The thought of me sleeping with Addy makes me want to - he shudders - I don't even know, but it's not such a pleasing thing." Colton always has digs at me but this one seemed to hurt more then the rest, is this how all boys think of me?

I mean even the one boy who sleeps with everyone, since he has all the girls falling at his feet, cat even bare the thought of doing anything with me.

Ryan's posture loosens, he puts his head in his hands rubbing his face exhaling a massive breath, "I'm sorry bro, I'm just worked up right now, god Addy, why would you let him in your room." Ryan whines.

I roll my eyes I pick up my clothes from last night, push past Colton and Ryan, and running down the stairs, I just needed to get out of Colton's house and get home.

I quickly get myself out of that house, I can remember the way home from Colton's it's not that far, he only lives a few streets down.

I run around to the side of Colton's house chucking my jeans and shoes on quickly before heading off on my short journey home.

I can hear footsteps behind me but I chose to ignore them, until I feel that person grip my wrist, my body is forcefully spun round, making my head pound as my body came to a sudden halt.

Once I regain gain my vision, I snap my head up of course to see Colton, "what do you want! Do you have some issue? Are you going to sit there and talk about how repulsive I am? Or tell me brother something to get me into even more shit? Far out you always got some fucking reason to get me into a whole load of trouble!" I'd completely lost it at that point.

Colton looked shocked at hurt by my words but quickly brushed it off, he still had a good hold on wrist, "look Ryan cares about you, after what happened to his last girlfriend, you know he's never want the same to happen to you, Addy he cares about, I care about you."

He uses his thumb and index finger to lift my chin up so I'll look at him, "we just don't want to se you get hurt." He whispers.

I yank my hand was from his, quickly turning around and walking off, Colton doesn't bother to walk after me, I hear him sigh.

I'm not in the mood to speak to anyone right now especially not my brother or Colton.

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