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The moment we got to my Moms penthouse, I headed straight towards my assigned room. I've been sitting on my bed mindlessly going through my phone.

I got a few texts from Elody and Clayton, I filled them in with what was going on, they were as sympathetic as you could probably be in this situation, but they obviously didn't understand how I really felt about it.

My Moms come in a few times, putting on her best fake smile trying to act like she actually cares about my grades and how I do at school.

I know she doesn't.

My whole life my parents have cared a shit ton of a lot more about how Ryan was doing in school. In fact they even cared more about how Colton's doing in school. Seeing as both those boys are going to take over the family businesses once they get out of college. I've always been the one that in both families was pushed aside.

I was a mistake in my family, I was the unplanned child. Both my parents and Colton's parents only wanted one boy, just to take over the business but my family got unlucky with me.

Once it had gotten to the media my Mom knew it was to late to abort me, she'd look like a terrible person and it would badly tarnish her reputation, so she decided to keep me. But I only ever got the unconditional love a child should get from my brother not my parents.

I hear a knock on my door I inwardly groan, knowing it's probably my Mom. I roll myself over from lying on my back to lying on my side with my body facing the door, so she got the idea I was asleep.

The door, opens and then shuts, I hear footsteps trudge towards my bed. I know exactly who it's judging by the way their stomping sounds like a fucking elephant.

I quickly shut my eyes to give the illusion that I'm sleeping, I feel my bed dip, and a hand light trace my face, "Adds I know your not asleep, I heard you on your phone before I knocked on the door."

I sighed opening up my eyes to look at Colton, he moves his body so he's lying down facing me, his hands come towards my face again, tracing his hand lightly with over my face, he softly kisses my forehead, "how are you?" He mumbles.

I nod my head letting him know I'm okay. I still haven't spoken all day. He sighs rolling his eyes at me. "Addison you have to say something. Okay. Just so I know your not going to go bloody mute for your entire fucking life." He complains.

"I'm not going mute you fucking asshat." I mumble. I see a smirk rise upon Colton face, a deep chuckle erupts from his throat, he mumbles a 'feisty'. A statement which I just roll my eyes at.

That playful mood of Colton dies down quite quickly. "My parents are here. They are already talking to Ryan and I about us taking over the businesses. They want both of us to go to Yale. I don't know study some business course I guess. I don't want to though." He sighs.

I give him a sympathetic smile, "well what do you want to do?" I ask him. Shuffling my body closer towards him.

He purses his lips together, "I want to be a doctor." I raise my eyebrows up in shock I assumed he'd want to be a professional football player, like my brother wants to be. "I don't know I like the idea of helping people I guess." He admits.

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