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A D D I S O N  P A R K E R

For the thousandth time, I'm back sleeping in the same bed as him, after he said something to hurt me. His heavy body is draped across mine.

I know I should feel guilty that I'm going behind my brothers back. Upset with myself that I allow myself to constantly get hurt. But I can't bring myself to feel that way. I feel relieved when I wake up next to him.

I love taking in his features in the morning. How in the morning his brown hair is a tousled mess. His green eyes are now closed. His full lips slightly parted. The soft snores coming out of his nose. The slight stubble on his jaw. The way the muscles in his back contract every time he breathes.

He's beautiful.

Though I'd never admit that to him, his egos big enough as it is.

My fingers reach up to the slightly curly locks of his hair, playing with it.

His head is rested on my chest, his arms wrapped tightly around my body. Trapping me so I can't move. I don't mind it's comforting having him close to me.

His eyes flutter a bit, before opening fully. I watch a small smile appear on his face, before he winces in pain.

His arms unwrap from my waist, leaving me feeling a bit empty, his touch still lingering. Before sitting up as his hands rub his temples.

"Ah, fuck." He groans, his eyes still screwed shut. "I'm never fucking drinking again." He complains, still rubbing his temples to try help him somehow ease the pain.

I giggle. "Yea I've heard that one before. From both you and my brother." I tease.

He just rolls his eyes at me, before slowly pushing himself off the bed. I follow him out of his room, down into the kitchen.

He searches through the cabinets to find something to ease the pain going on in his head. He settles on ibuprofen, swallowing it within seconds.

I look around the house noticing it's still empty, I don't even remember if Ryan even came home or not. "I don't think Ryan's here." I say.

Colton raises his eyebrows. "And what are you implying that we do Addison Jane Parker." He smirks.

My eyes widen when the reality hit me it how he took my words. "Shit! No I was just saying that I don't think he's here. I wasn't meaning I want to have sex with you. But I wasn't saying I don't want to sex with you, I was just-"

Colton quickly cuts off my rambling. "Shut up adds. I know what you meant. I was just teasing. Since when do you get so flustered about things like this. I could always say stuff like this and you'd just simply reply with 'shut up'." He questions.

He steps towards my gripping my waist with his big hands. "I just things are different now." I admit. I start to regret my choice of words not knowing how Colton could interpret them.

He nods his head. " I know." He says softly. Before pressing a kiss against my cheek. Then another on my jaw. Then my neck.

I hear the click of the front door being unlocked. I quickly push Colton off me before running to the other side of the kitchen.

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