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Here I am again, at yet another training waiting for Ryan and Colton to finish seeing as they have a big playoff in the weekend so the team has been training for the past two weeks for two hours everyday after school.

Since my brother doesn't really like me walking home after school alone or walking anywhere alone, he makes sure I have a ride anywhere I go since I don't have a car yet.

It's kind of awkward sitting here right now, watching my brother, the boy that I almost kissed and the boy that  I went in terrible date with partly because I was thinking about the boy I nearly kissed. Unfortunately Clayton probably knew that as well.

I can feel both Colton and Clayton glancing over at me very often, I've managed to keep my head down avoiding there gaze. Though the tension between them doesn't go unnoticed by the whole team, even I can feel it and I'm on the bleachers.

When those boys aren't glancing at me they are shooting daggers at each other, luckily coach noticed the tension and had separated them at training, so there's no way that one could enrage the other so much that something could start stirring between the two of them.

But unfortunately for me I spoke too soon, one 'terrible' throw from Colton, hits Clayton in the back of the head, you can see the anger on Clayton's face when he turns around, "sorry man, just had a terrible throw." Colton tried to act innocent but everyone on the team knows Colton never has terrible aim.

I watch Clayton ball his fists up, I want to go over to them and stop everything from unfolding into a massive mess, but I feel as if I'm glued to my seat. "That's bullshit man we all know that you never have fucking terrible aim." Clayton shouts.

This draws the attention of the entire team, I have no idea where coach has disappeared to but he's certainly not here, the team circled around the two boys, Colton and Clayton don't seem to notice there eyes a trained in each other both filled with fury and rage.

Clayton makes the first move tackling Colton to the ground, Colton's much bigger then him, in normal circumstances if Colton was prepared for the tackle Clayton wouldn't have managed to get him down.

Colton quickly reacted, flipping Clayton over he throws a sharp punch at his face, blood instantly trickles down his nose, he scrunches up his nose but he instantly regrets it, you can see the pain on his face, "you fucking think you can just swoop the fuck in, and fucking take her, well you fucking can't." Colton throws another punch to Clayton face, sending his head knocking back into the ground.

Clayton let's out a massive groan, sucking in a sharp breath, he builds up the strength to push Colton off him, Colton is quick to get on his feet, ready to throw another punch, Clayton's on his knees with his head down spitting out blood out of his mouth.

He looks over at Colton, breathing heavily Colton's about to throw another punch but Clayton gets up, Colton looks surprised, I'm sure he thought Clayton was in a much weaker position then he is, while Colton was standing there in shock Clayton throws a punch in Colton's face, knocking his head back.

The team is still standing  around watching, even my brother none of them are sure what to do, Colton and Clayton both start charging and each other, wrestling punching, I sit there in a state of shock unsure of whether I should get involved and scream at them, the team seems to be in the same position as me.

"You fucking have everything want, your rich, you never get in trouble at this school, you have everyone wrapped around your finger except her" Clayton points his finger at me drawing everyone's over here, "you only want what you have, Drake, but too bad she chose me over you." Clayton screams angrily.

Colton chuckles, "you think she chose you over me, you want to know why she left your little date early, because you bored her, because she thought you were vain and a completely and utterly stupid. And you know what before your little date, we nearly kissed." Colton has a massive smirk on his face.

Clayton looks over at me, his face is filled disappointment, disappointment with me, and probably disappointment with himself. He turns back to Colton tackling him again, the two boys wrestle each other to the ground.

"Hey, hey, what the hell is here!" Coach comes over, he pushes Clayton and Colton off each other making them collapse on the ground, he quickly pulls them up by there shirt. Both boys are sweating, panting and have blood dripping down their nose.

"Huh, what the hell is going on you two?you have been at each other all training." Both boys are being grabbed by coach, with their T-shirt's being pulled up to there chin, "right if no ones going to bloody well talk, you two," He pulls Clayton's and Colton closer together, "get your stuff my office now!"

He lets go of Clayton and Colton, throwing them part from each other, the both walk over to the benches, close to where I'm sitting grab their bags, and fill all their gear with it, neither of them looks at me, both have their heads down as they trudge off to coaches office.

Coach takes the two boys, "practice over!" He booms angrily, as he drags the boys behind him. Ryan is quick to grab his stuff, he takes my hand, pulling me off the bleachers, he's dragging me to quick for what my feet can move, so I'm tripping up very often.

I know the whole team is looking at me, and I don't blame them, I was the reason these boys fought, and I might possibly be the reason they get suspended from the team.

Ryan and I quickly make our way to the car park, he stops us in front of our car, he throws his gear in the boot, then he grabs my school bag off my back and throws that in the boot two, "What the fuck was that all about!" He shouts.

I stand frozen, unsure of what to say, "I-I uh I don't know, I really don't fucking know." Ryan furrows his eyebrows, he just rolls his eyes at me, he opens the door to open in the car.

When he looks over and sees Colton running over to us, once Colton has caught up to us, all three of us stand in silence, we look at each other, all wondering what's going to make the first move.

"Will someone tell me what the fuck is going on?"

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