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I knew the moment I stormed up to my room after Colton's ridiculous comment, it wouldn't be long until he comes storming into to say his peace again.

"Why do you always walk away all the time? It really fucking gets on my nerves." He complains walking into my room and shutting the door.

"Why do you always barge in to my room all the time? It really fucking gets on my nerves?" I mock.

He just rolls his eyes at me, taking my hand so I'm forced to sit down next to him on the bed. "Why are you even in here anyway?" I roll my eyes.

He scoffs. "Stop rolling those damn eyes. And we need to talk." He states matter of factly.


"This." He gestures in between the two of us. "Why are you coming onto me all of a sudden?"

That statement makes me recoil in disgust almost, I know the shock in my face is as clear as day. He really has the audacity to sit there and yap on about the fact I'm coming on to him.

I scoff at him. "I'm coming onto you. Let's not forget how you went all apeshit about finding Clayton in my room. Then proceeded to nearly kiss me, but not before asking me about why I even like him over you." I spit.

I take a deep breath then proceed to carry on. "After that you convinced me to 'loosen up'." I quote. "And make me go skinny dipping, where you then kissed me!" At this point I'm shouting

"And have from then on continued to be affectionate towards me constantly. Don't fucking flip this shit on me, because your to proud to admit that you probably have feelings for you best friends little sister."

The words are now spitting out of my mouth like venom. It was such a simple statement, but it has me beyond wound up, and fed up with his constant need to blame me.

Colton laugh, he literally laughs an almost sinister laugh. "You think I probably have feelings for you. Please. Your just something to entertain me. Just like Nora." A smug look is plastered on his face.

He knew that one would hit hard. And it did. Me chest tightens. Making me feel sick to my stomach at the comment

I gasp at his harsh words. "Your such a piece of shit." Who knew one simple comment on the plane would lead to this?

"Is that the best you got Adds? It's kind of cute actually." He laughs, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. I jerk away from him.

"What the hell are you doing? You basically just told me I'm like a toy to you, and now your trying to seduce me or whatever the fuck you do to the hundreds of girls you get with?" My face is laced with pure disgust at his actions.

There's that laugh again, his hand moves to my jaw this time stroking it softly as he slowly moves his body closer to me.

Part of me wants to push his body away from mine and scream at him until my face turns blue. The other part wants to see what he'll do from here.

I haven't decided which part I want to follow through with yet.

He leans his face in closer to mine, brushing his lips against mine. I close my eyes letting out a soft breath. "Stop." I wanted it to be louder but the word only comes out as mere whisper.

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