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A D D I S O N   P A R K E R

Once Colton and I reach home, I'm quick to get up to my room.

Honestly throughout that entire situation the only thing that was running through my mind was Clayton.

I thought he wouldn't have cared, seeing as at my party, I would have thought Colton's scared him off forever but obviously not.

Also from what I've heard and the assumption I had made he's one for a one night stand. Didn't leave me thinking he'd actually care to know what's wrong.

Then my mind wanders to Colton, he's always been the fucking cause of me getting hurt, and he still fucking is.

Whether it's him, himself, or it's someone else, it's always been and always will be him.

And that's what fuels my anger towards him.

My continued to drift from the thought of Clayton then to Colton, I don't understand why I'm comparing these two, now that I'm thinking about Clayton is basically a younger version of Colton.

There's a knock on the door, but I wasn't going to get up, Colton can get off his ass and get it, I decided to make myself more comfortable I got under the covers of my bed wrapping myself up in my duvet.

"What the fuck!" Colton booms from downstairs, I let out a massive groan thumping down the stairs wanting to know what he's groaning about now.

Colton has the front door wide open his body is tense and it's also blocking the identity of the person who's standing outside.

I roll my eyes walking over to Colton standing next to him.

"What the fuck." I say, I scan the body of the person standing at he door, not sure why they were even here.


He chuckles nervously, "well that wasn't the reaction I was expecting, I was hoping to be let in." He scratches the back of his neck looking up at me.

"Oh yea right come in." I grab his hand pulling him inside, Clayton stumbles as I pull him inside, I'm trying to quick enough to get him up to my room before Colton says something.

I quickly make my way towards the stairs, "hold the fuck up!" Colton shouts, he quickly makes his way towards us.

"There's no bloody way that he is coming upstairs with you, you can't trust him." He stares at me in utter disbelief.

I scoff, "I can't trust him? you do understand that all my life you've always been the one person who's had something to do with me getting hurt, so I think it's you I can't trust."

It was harsh I know, and you could tell by his face that what I had said affected him, but what makes him think now he can have actually give a shit about me.

My and Clayton make our way up the stairs, I quickly pull him into my room, slamming my door in the process.

He chuckles, "last time I was in here a lot of shit went down." I laughed and nodded my head, mumbling a 'yea'.

A lot like we did at the party I plop myself down on the bed and he sits on my desk chair.

The mood darkened a bit, went silent very quickly, "I found out what happened, uh today, I'm sorry." I give him a weird look.

"Why would you be sorry?" He looks around the room, shrugging.

"I don't know I just feel terrible for what happened, Nora's a physcotic bitch." I laugh at what he's said, knowing that he's not afraid to say things like others are.

I hear a knock on my door, I don't say anything, I know it'll be Colton, "your not going to let them in?" Clayton asks.

I shake my head, "nope hopefully they'll get the message to leave us alone." He looks like he's about to protest, but he clams his mouth shut quickly.

The door still swings open anyways and of course in pops Colton into my room, disregarding the dirty looks I was giving comes in and plops himself next to me on my bed.

He wraps his arm around my shoulder, "so what you guys talking about." I shrug his arm off my shoulder, rolling my eyes.

"Nothing go the fuck away Colton." He just laughs at me, still staying on my bed.

"Hmmm okay." The tone of his voice when he had said that, was very sketchy, like he was up to something suspicious.

Just on que the front door opens and then is aggressively slammed, "you didn't." I warn Colton.

Colton just smiles, "he didn't what?" Clayton asks his face has utter confusion written all over, I just sighed getting up off my bed.

Grab his hand pulling him up off the chair, "let's go face the music buddy." I say pulling him out of my room pushing past Colton, not looking at him.

"Addison Jane Parker, get fucking down here and bring the boy." I can hear Clayton inhale a sharp breath, I look back at him my face softening in an understanding way, I can understand why he's nervous.

We make our way down the stares already seeing Ryan there waiting for us.

"Before you go all ape shit on me and him, he came here because he was worried about me, he saw me in the halls while I was crying about what happened in the cafeteria, he came over because he cared about me, not because he wanted to get in my pants." I clarify.

Ryan just stared at me and then at Clayton, he just nodded his head, "okay, thanks for coming over to check on her."

Clayton nods his head realising that's, that is his que to leave, "see ya addy." I smile at him waving as he makes his way to the front door quickly leaving my house.

Ryan's head flicks back to me, I just sigh expecting a massive lecture, "I'm not exactly sure that's he deserves you but possibly I'll accept if anything were to happen."

The made me over the moon, I wasn't sure that I liked Clayton but the fact the my brother was willing to accept just for me, made me want scream.

I engulfed Ryan in a big hug more ecstatic then I should have been, "what the fuck." I look up the stairs to see Colton quite close to blowing his head off.

He stomps his way down the stairs, "your gonna let addy, be around that dick, you fucking joking right you know he will hurt. He's just putting on this act to get in her pants. She doesn't deserve that."

I roll my eyes yet again at Colton, "why do you care so much, I mean you haven't seemed to give a shit about her before so why start now, you technically are the reason why he was over here in the first place." Ryan states.

A big huff escapes Colton's lips, I swear he was going to throw a tantrum then and there, "well when he breaks your heart Addy don't say I didn't fucking warn you." He points his finger at me before making his way up the stairs again.

"Boys" Ryan jokes before going up stairs to see what the hell Colton is up to.

It doesn't matter to me what Colton says, he'll get over himself.

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