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C O L T O N  D R A K E

A/N: I thought I'd give you another chapter in Colton's POV. This probably will be the last one for this book. But you haven't seen the end of Colton Drake yet.

I'm not sure what compelled me to take Addy on a date. But I know if Ryan were to find out he'd castrate my balls.

It's bound time we start getting along. We've spent nearly our whole lives fighting with each other. I feel like something's shifted inside me. And I don't like it at all.

We've sat in silence for the last fifteen minutes. I've just been watching her appreciate what's in front of her. I know she hardly ever goes out. So I'd thought I'd treat her to something.

I'm still pissed at her for the whole Tobias situation. But I'm going to deal with him in private this time. So neither her or Ryan will find out and I'll make sure he knows not to tell anyone.

I mean literally why the fuck is everyone obsessed with her?

There are plenty of hot seniors that all the boys could go for. And they all seem to be choosing her.

Though there isn't really any competition for her, she outshines all the senior girls. But still.

"So what's with Ryan and Emily? I mean I didn't even see them at the party together." Addy finally speaks up.

I shrug my shoulders. The last thing I want to be doing right now is talking about her brother. I'm already feeling like a shit bestfriend.  "The boy hasn't had a decent fuck in a while." I shrug.

I look at the horrified expression on her face at my choice of words. She gags at the thought of what is had said. "I mean you were to drunk to even notices." I say.

She groans rubbing her head. "Don't even remind me. I still have a headache." She chuckles. I laugh along.

It goes silent for a second but now the sun has set Addys more focused on the conversation. "I mean I don't get what the big deal is about sex." She shrugs.

I laugh at that statement. "Don't forget Addy, not long ago you were throwing yourself at me." I'm still laughing after I finish speaking.

But when I look over at her. I watch her face which was once smiling now harden. She looks over at me with the biggest scowl on her face. I feel myself tense up.

I've fucked up.

She jumps off the hood of my truck, getting into the passenger seat of the car. Not forgetting to slam the door when she closes it.

I sigh pushing myself off the truck. We haven't even got through a whole hour of our date.

I don't bother trying pack this shit up nicely. I pick it all up. Opening the door to the backseat of the car and throwing it in the backseat In frustration.

When I slide into the drivers seat of the car Addy doesn't even turn her head to look at me. She stares out the front of the car with a scowl imprinted on her beautiful face.

"Addy." I sigh. "Why are you doing this?"

She snaps her head at me the scowl still permanent on her face. "You know what Colton. Every fucking time I think that things are going well. You always say shit like you just did." She exclaims.

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