Stepbrothers Fake Love ~ Sneak Peek

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My locker slammed shut.

Not because of me. I didn't slam it shut. Heck, I wasn't even done putting in my books! My fingers hardly got caught. I just about flinched, already knowing who did it. Some of the papers I was holding flew away from me from the impact of how hard it shut. Kids laughed, purposely stepping onto my papers. Just as I was about to crouch down, someone kicked me down. I fell straight onto my butt, landing with an 'Oof!'

"Sorry Noah didn't see you there," scowled Logan Rivers. Gritting my teeth, I clenched my fist, making my knuckles turn white.

"Stop calling me Noah, it was a mistake!" I exclaimed angrily at him. His hands grabbed both my arms, hauling me up. He slammed me against the locker, his eyes full of hatred. My feet dangled, as his eyes searched mine.

"A stupid mistake. Which was hilarious," he sneered. Giving me one last shove into the locker, he let me go, making me hit my head onto the metal. His laugh echoed through the halls, making his friends howl with laughter.

"Need your ring back?" He asked, holding up my last memory of the guys. My jaw clenched, stomping towards him. I reached for it, but his arm kept moving higher and higher. "I always wondered why you always wore this thing. Not to mention the letters."

"It's none of your business," I snapped. One of his minions held me back, as he tried scanning the ring. "Let me go--!" I was cut off by my breath getting knocked out of my lungs. I bent over as his friend let me go, I clutched my stomach.

"You're so pathetic," he whispered lowly. Shooting me one last glance, he motioned for his friends to follow him. They left the school, the doors slamming shut. I stayed on the floor, staring at the ceiling.


You're so pathetic.

Standing up, I grabbed all my things and finally looked at the glass display case with all the awards our team has won. Then, my focus landed on my reflection.

My hair was now dark brown instead of blonde, with it in a loose braid, strands of hair falling out. My black and red glasses, that made me look like a nerd, which I didn't mind at all. My black hoodie and black skinny jeans made me look emo.

Letting out a small sigh, I left my new high school. As I reached the bottom, I looked behind me at the big bold lettering: Emmery High.

I should probably recap a little.

It all started two years ago when all my brothers had said they loved me...


A/N: I'm not too sure if you guys would enjoy this kind of concept, and I think you guys know what's happening. 

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"Things go and change and you have to learn to accept it."

You may know the adventures of Norah and her brothers. Right?

They say that promises are promises. Words are kept as a truth. Is that really true? As far as Norah knows, she thinks that is complete bull.

It has been two years. Two years that has changed her completely. She's not the Norah everyone knows her as, no, she is entirely different.

She learned that fake is the most sadistic thing on Earth.

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