Blue team one meeting pt 1

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Gampu's classroom had turned into a makeshift headquarters for blue team 1. In front of the normally big screen was several chalkboards varying in different parts of keeping everyone alive from figuring out how to make enough rations to feed thousands of people, a ruse that lowered Dragos's guard, who would be capable of providing repairs to certain aspects of the academy, how many Star Seekers could be made and used should they be necessary. They were lacking in Starfires but had only limited Star Seekers. Chris stepped aside from the last board then stepped back.

"Adrian, you and Professor Sunseed's plan to have floors of food in the solar domes should work out," Chris said. "Tomatoes, watermelons, strawberries, lettuce, and the excessive space bees that we were moving to the space farms. . ." he tapped on the palm of his hand. "And using the urine tanks to water them then we are good to go for the next two weeks."

Chris turned toward the group who shared nods.

"I like the part about the rock ladder," Laura said, then turned her attention toward Adrian. "How did you make a rock ladder?"

"It is-was a personal project of mine," Adrian said. "Just had to speed it up and find more rocks on the planet surface. A simple case of super glue, some volunteering cadets, and a overseeing Commander is all it took."

"Good work," Chris said.

Tee Gar cleared his throat.

"Speaking of our friend Zachary," Tee Gar said. "I have a little hunch."

Chris looked in concern.

"What kind of hunch?" Chris asked.

"The hunch that I needed a test to lay it to rest," Tee Gar said. "The last five hours I have been convinced of something that shouldn't be," the camera pressed on as Tee Gar placed the side of his hand on the table. "That couldn't be possible since what we know is that it must have happened during a authorized mission."

"And, what did the tests come back as?" Chris asked.

"Commander Gampu and Doctor Smith are one and the same," Tee Gar said.

"The same person . . ." Chris came over to the teacher's desk computer. "Computer, list the crew of the Jupiter 2."

"Professor John Robinson," The computer listed. "Doctor Maureen Robinson, Judith Robinson, Penelope Robinson, William Robinson, and Major Donald West."

"Computer, who oversaw their health when they were trained for space?" Chris asked.

"Colonel Doctor Zachary Smith," the computer replied.

There was silence in the room. Chris rubbed the back of his neck walking along the chalk boards. The group was processing the news that had exploded in their faces. It was as though the air in the room had been sucked out as was the mere ability to move in time leaving behind frozen cadets. It was only when they blinked and breathed did it stand a reminder that they were not statues. Chris folded his arms with his back against the wall.

"So he is a traitor," Paul said.

The word stung the group as it settled in.

"Was," Laura corrected.

"Right now in this time period," Paul said. "he is."

"We don't have a brig to hold him in and we don't have the authority treat him as a criminal," Laura said. "He may be responsible for the Jupiter going off course but not for the actual crash landing. What we need is to cooperate with him until we don't need to anymore."

"He is a stowaway," Paul said. "This isn't Commander Gampu."

"He isn't," Tee Gar agreed.

"Like that should be a reason to be mean?" Laura asked.

"No," Tee Gar said. "It should be a reason to be wary."

"The Robinsons exiled him," Paul continued. "Only people who betray a lot share that fate after those manipulated people have gone sick and tired of it." he shook his head. "I like to trust him, really, but this man is a whole new ball game and we don't know him as we do the commander. And people in this Earth time don't trust as easily."

There were nods shared among the group.

"He must be responsible for the Jupiter 2's crash landing on Preplanis," Paul continued. "Everyone trusted him with the lives of the Robinsons and he betrayed them. Do you really think that he has learned his lesson regarding betraying the good people?" there was silence in the room. "Anyone?" Paul looked around the silent room. "He is the type who betrays out of the highest price or if it were in his best interest."

"If we showed them for who he was," Chris finally started to say. "There would be panic, there would be fear, and there would be questioning if we are the right kind of people to lead them for the time being," Chris turned toward the group lowering his hand from his forehead. "The way I see it, however much I dislike it, we have to continue the ruse. People won't be thinking clearly if they knew the Commander is still up there with Dragos. People would be acting out of fear not out of courage and genuine doing it for others. If we told everyone, this academy would see a entire city put blame on the commander for this situation, maybe run the doctor out throwing things at him like a uncivilized mob made for violence, and our good friend Commander Gampu would become a . . ."

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