The Academy Professor's flight

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The Academy had fallen into the void.

Ten thousand people on the other side of the unknown.

As had Samantha's starfire.

Jason's starfire had been taken by Dragos.

Their starfire to starfire communication system had failed for some reason. Perhaps because they were too far away from each other. He had watched Medusa's vessel fly into the void a hour ago and it hadn't came out since then. A part of him was terrified for the academy and its current residents. Seven hours in the dark alone. Parsafoot made the necessary repairs -with the equipment hidden in engineering - replacing the old parts with new parts and old wiring with new wiring in the battle mode starfire that could be made from the inside. All with one still operational hand that was very difficult. The lasers were in working condition. There were electrical burns decorating his hands that were taking on the form of scarring.

Was everyone alright?

Solar wind brushed the starfire toward the void.

Parsafoot helplessly watched as the view screen changed from the first planet in the solar system toward the empty void. The spacecraft was twirling very fast unexpectedly. Parsafoot clung on to the red leather barrier in front of him and closed his eyes bracing for the unexpected turbulence to end on a sour note. The space craft passed through the ripple. The starfire slowed down and the solar wind grew gentler against the space craft. Parsafoot relaxed, then looked on to see a yellow and blue planet situated on the view screen. The scans indicated it was a class M planet populated by ten thousand plus people and wildlife.

"Yes!" Parsafoot said. "They made it! They made it! They made it!"

Parsafoot rested his back against the chair then looked on to see Medusa's vessel in orbit.

"This can't be good," Parsafoot said. "She is just laying there. . ." he couldn't help but feel very creeped out about that. "Very spooky," he looked worryingly toward the planet. "and very concerning."

His dislocated shoulder was still in intense pain.

He couldn't move his arm.

If only there was a doctor around.

For now, he couldn't move it even if he wanted to.

Suddenly, the starfire was sent flying forward toward the planet below. Parsafoot grabbed on to the barrier for dear life pinned against the seating feeling the adrenaline running as the starfire twirled from the large blow of solar wind. He could see the golden planet coming up ahead getting closer and closer. He could see the two moons peeking from the other side of the planet in orbit. His eyes shifted toward the planet as the gray moons vanished out of his line of sight. The solar wind was gone leaving behind a falling spacecraft earning a crimson trail of fire against its surface and smoke blasting from behind it. His body was trembling out of fear seeing the clouds from below become closer. And he closed his eyes bracing for the untimely end.

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