Sunseed here

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"Sunseed here," Sunseed said.

"Professor Sunseed," Tee Gar said. "whatever you do, avoid the Commander."

"What?" Sunseed said.

"I said, avoid the Commander," Tee Gar repeated. "He is Doctor Smith."

"I see," Sunseed stepped into the corner of the hall out of the way of the oncoming Doctor in a light discussion with Cadet Zarlo. "Thanks."

Sunseed resumed his path to one of the solar domes slipping his comn gear into his personalized jacket pocket. He was in a uniform that felt like a crossbreed of his typical style and the Federation's style. White primary color with a black secondary color. The Federation considered Sunseed one of their most high esteemed individuals who didn't let the bias against technology and machines get in the way of duty when it came to deciding what to to be removed and what not to be removed from the budget. He had shined away from that duty educating the young, bright minds for the past two years with Fracture perched on his shoulder repeating what he had said only to comical effect. Fracture repeated, "I see! I see!" with a squawk. He handed the bird some nutrition then watched Fracture flap his wings adjusting himself to the old man's shoulder.

Before, Sunseed did not know why Gampu adored the academy for years until becoming stationed on the space farms and they were fortunate that Sunseed had come to attend the graduation but over slept in his VIP quarters (now packed by civilians) that were white and tidy (now dirty and in disarray). Oh, how things had changed over the last two years. A little happier from attentive cadets absorbing in several lifetimes of knowledge and tricks from over the years tending to plants. He understood now why Gampu had stayed. Educating with technology among the bright eyed cadets. Tech that could save their lives in the long run within space. Forming long lasting friendships because of these machines. Sunseed went through a circular doorway to find geologist Adrian in solar dome 1 using a ground scanner while cadets were removing the native vegetation removing them into pots for the time being with the utmost care leaving only a bed of sand like dirt.

"Cadet," Sunseed said.

"Professor," Adrian said, turning her attention up.

"Is the soil prime for rapid plant growth?" Sunseed asked.

"My readings indicate there are no rocks in the soil. . ." Adrian said.

"But," Sunseed said.

"This is alien soil," Adrian said. "And it doesn't allow for producers to flourish unlike these plants." Adrian gestured toward the remains from blades of grass contrasting against the yellow sand like dirt decorating the floor.

"Luckily, you got storage waste in this ship," Sunseed said. "And several electronic plant growers."

"Do we?" Adrian asked. "I thought we didn't."

"Cadets," Sunseed whistled, earning head turns toward him. "I put this to the side for the last few hours but we can't keep this on the back burner for long. We need to move several gallons of waste in hazard gear and moving them isn't going to be easy. This will be a collective agriculture classes wide effort so find the most able agriculture cadets and get them suited. This will be the first dome to be filled-We have five domes to fill in in the next five hours and to install those machines," he gestured the group forward. "Go on. The Waste Team will be waiting for you at engineering!"

"What about me, Professor?" Adrian asked, coming to Sunseed's side.

Sunseed looked down toward the young woman.

"I need some help finding the electronic planet growers," Sunseed said. "I recall that we need to install them in order for them to work."

"Yes, Professor," Adrian said, with a nod. "I know where exactly they are."

"Then let's go," Sunseed said, patting on her shoulder.

"Go, go!" Fracture repeated, as the two walked through the doorway.

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