The academy's distraction

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The bleeding had been well taken care of temporarily but needed professional medical work on them to fully repair the wounds decorating Gampu. The Battle Sick Bay had most of the medicine out of Peepo's reach. The lower cabinets proved useful in retrieving pain killers to lessen the pain. The smoke from the stations had died down by the automatic cooling systems being reinstated. The room was dark if not for the light during warp pouring inside. The light blue light poured over Peepo's figure. It was a unique scene observing from the view screen. There was a tall machine set beside Gampu's left side that had a large computer screen tilted down toward his direction that gave a good view of his face. The machine had a long cable connected to the large panels.

"Peepo to Academy Control, can you read me?"

Peepo waited a full minute.

"Peepo to Academy Control, Peepo to Academy Control," there was was nothing. "Peepo to Academy Control, do you read me?"

There was still silence from the other side of the line.

"Prepare for extended emergency beacon," Peepo said. "Academy Control, there are no causalities in Command Control. There are no causalities in Command Control. I repeat, there are no casualties in Command Control. Remain calm, Dragos and his army will be distracted for the next week."

Peepo sent the long distance emergency message into the void.

"Ready, Commander Gampu?" Peepo said, moving toward Gampu's side.

"Ready as I will ever be," Gampu replied, his aged blue eyes shifting toward the machine.

Peepo applied the life support badge on to the elder's wrist including a few floor paneling magnets on to portions of his body. The white wrist watch like device with a red centered item that determined the length of oxygen left inside seemed to click around Gampu's wrist. Time was incredibly precious for Peepo.

"You . . . you . . . you don't need to do that," Gampu said.

"I was made to ensure my charges survive, Commander Gampu," Peep's deep baritone voice became prominent. "Taking you with me is not a option."

Gampu closed his eyes then reopened them with a subtle smile.

"Peepo," Gampu said, bemused. "When I said you don't need to do that, I meant that in a different way," he let go of a pained sigh. "I can feel the pipes going through my legs."

Peepo moved toward Gampu's side.

"I did not realize it went through that deep," Peepo said.

The floating planetoid half came to a stop from Dragos's army.

"We are there," Gampu said, moving his hands to his lap with a knowing gaze.

Peepo moved toward the screen.

"Starfire 1 is being taken in by Dragos," Peepo said. "Command Control to Starfire 1, do you read me?"

"Starfire 1 here!" Jason said. "It's good to hear you. How are the others?"

"They are in good health," Peepo said.

"Good news," Jason said, relieved.

"Commander Gampu is with me," Peepo said.

"Jason!" Gampu said. "It's good to hear your voice."

"Commander Gampu?" Jason said. "Why are you not with the cadets?"

"The cadets are handling themselves and the civilians quite well," Peepo continued, as the screen began to sizzle. "They are in the mist of making their escape plan from the other side of the time warp. Commander Stone is being watched over by several trusted individuals until he gets well again. Sam and Parsafoot will shortly be found."

"Time warp. . ." Jason said.

"I lived it, Jason," Peepo said. "And they are all worried about you."

"Keep the fort up, Jason," Gampu said. "The academy will send the finest cadets after you."

"Ora-" Jason was cut off on the screen.

"Peepo," Gampu said. "Start the transmission."

"Oraco," Peepo said. "Mobile communication station has been activated."

"Command Control to Dragonship," Gampu called. "Command Control to Dragonship."

From the screen appeared Dragos.

"Commander Gampu," Dragos said, with a laugh. "Commander Gampu!" His eye boggled. "You should be dead."

"You should be back in that alternate universe, Dragos," Gampu said. "Where you belong."

"Most of my new allies came from that alternate universe," Dragos said. "I was fortunate. No Star Galactic, no Federation, no Star Command, no Space Academy, no Jason, or any of your intrusive colleagues," a smile grew on his face. "it was fun to regain my footing and my reign. My enemies were few and publishable. Rebellions crushed with a single thumb. Resistance killed off by mere drones."

"Don't let me intrude on your victory lap," Gampu said. "I am on a disadvantage and you are more than supplied. . ."

"And?" Dragos asked.

"I like to offer you a chase," Gampu said. "You and your army. Simple. Cat and mouse. You have more than enough fuel for that, do you?"

"Yes," Dragos said. "Makes it the even more satisfying."

"So do I," Gampu said. "I will prepare for flight in five minutes. Command out." Gampu watched the screen become black. "Peepo, the ship is yours."

"Oraco," Peepo said. "Hold on to the floor!"

Command Control flew out of sight followed by Dragos's army except for one last spaceship turning toward the void very deliberately. Command Control spun in a circle around a distant super planet slowly then picked up speed when being followed by the army until they had vanished into space leaving only the memory of their flight behind. The camera went in to the last spaceship that was colorful and bright jumping right into the eyes of strangers. Medusa seemed to be interested with her hands on her scepter that was leaned forward in front of her throne. The spaceship slipped into the void that made a ripple effect seen only by the stars briefly blinking.

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