The planning for war begins

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Roark went through the doorway into the familiar light gray gray and bright yellow office that had laser burns decorating it. Gampu was sitting at the desk reading a padd leaned back into the chair with intrigue on his eyes. He looked up toward the direction of the Vegan had a short wave that turned into gesturing him toward one of the three white seats. Gampu's office had showed some signs of damage consisting of the entire glass wall behind him was gone and displayed a outlook of the distance on Priplanus. The rails that would normally be behind Gampu were halfway gone, the floor behind Gampu was partially missing, and the computer console was the only thing that seemed to be intact at the center cove to the office. The light fixtures around the room on the cieling were steadily remaining on. Parts of the long, wide side beams that were normally powering orange lights were gone.

"Commander," Gampu regarded Roark with a nod.

"Cadet Roark," Gampu said.

"Given the extent of the damage on the campus. . . I thought you didn't make it," Roark said, earning a nod from the man slowly closing his eyes.

"Rest assured, I made it out alive with some difficulty," Gampu said. "I was very reluctant to let Peepo stay behind."

"Your creation, your friend, and partner," Roark said. "It is difficult to leave those you've known your whole life behind."

"Very difficult," Gampu said. "I wanted to stay but the cadets need me and Peepo was capable of handling the problem at hand without a human on Battle Control."

"The computers and AI's are like that these days," Roark said. "I remember when the robots in my day weren't as advanced as Peepo."

"If I could replicate Peepo just for awhile, I would have taken the chance," Gampu said. He shook his head. "But I won't."

"No one can replace a unique AI," Roark said.

"A dear old friend," He sighed, placing his hands on the arm rest then stood up from the chair. "I heard you wanted to speak with me regarding the battle of Priplanus."

Roark nodded.

"I was thinking of the battle of Vega," Roark said. "The second attack by our Terran counterparts."

"Using their own armada against them?" Gampu asked. "Dragos must have very tight security regarding controls over his drones."

"He may," Roark said. "Or may not. I have intel that his allies are not very secured with their spaceships."

Gampu seemed wary about the proposal.

"That is too dangerous," Gampu said. "That was done when we didn't have cadets in the middle of it."

"We had soldiers back then on that issue," Roark said.

"Soldiers were experienced and prepared for issues where they have to take lives," Gampu said. "Not peace keepers." He shook his head. "How can we be sure that the allies won't try crashing their spaceships toward the academy just to make sure they win?"

"That part is easy," Roark said. "It's risky but it could work. We have to send someone out into the army and connect their computers to the campus."

Gampu frowned.

"They don't let people walk in at their will and change everything," Gampu said. "That would require that they have a prisoner to transport from craft to craft and allow them to check in at their computers. A task like that will not work on them with their knowledge."

"That isn't far off," Roark said.

"You mean to say they'll be willing to?" Gampu asked. "They are too smart for that."

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