The handled Stone

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"Chariot to Battle Control," John said.

"Communications control here," came communication's control.

"I like to speak with Gampu," John said.

"Rerouting to Gampu's Cabin," came the woman's reply.

"And they still have phone operators in the future," Don said. "comforting."

"Hello," Chris's voice came over the communication device.

"We found Commander Stone," John said.

"How is he?" Chris asked.

"After I told him that his friends didn't land, he just went out," John said. "He is breathing but not responding."

"Can you hold on to him for a few days?" Chris asked. "Sneak him aboard the academy before we leave, I am sure Medical Command knows how to bring him out of it."

"The look on his face said that the next battle is a walking disaster waiting to happen," John said.

Chris paced the room then observed through the window placing his elbow against the doorway leaning against the doorway.

"Professor Robinson, you're aware that reaching Alpha Centauri is a very long shot and yet you try to find ways of reaching it," Chris said. "Like you, I am hanging onto hope that we'll get out of this alive."

There was a long pause from John's side of the connection.

"Does he know?" John asked.

"He thinks I am going up there to do some sabotage with Loki's help," Chris said. "we will be fine."

"I take it there's a chance you won't come out of it alive," John said.

"Not if I have a say in that," Chris said. "Not if we can stop it. Thanks for the heads up, Professor. Gentry out."

He pressed on the side comn with a gentle press of his fingers.

They were still back on square one when it came to the situation at hand. The first twenty-four hours could still spell causalities aboard the academy. It was news that the young man dreaded to hear. He wasn't trained for hearing that his classmates had died on his watch. He was trained for the stresses of space that meant life or death upholding peace. He came over to the long, well preserved telescope then knelt down toward it and looked through the lens. He can see several of the distant space crafts that ranged in size and figures heading off toward the academy.

The next twenty-four hours was very critical in upholding peace with people who like to take advantage of that had to be dealt, immediately. He rubbed his forehead. How were they going to deal with that? Technically, he and his sister were in charge. It was decided matter when it came down from the academy council should there have been a threat large enough to leave the academy in ruins and most of the Deputy Commanders, Professors, and Gampu out of service. Blue team 1 was decided long ago before Chris's time to take over since they were closets to the Commander and had more outside experience in solving a problem on the field to save their home. Chris didn't like it, but they had to lie to everyone about Gampu.

He pressed on the side comn.

"What call do you need to route this to?" Came the communication's operator.

"Commander Gampu's office," Chris said.


"Thanks Sharon," Chris said. "I know it must be difficult for you."

There was silence on the other end of the line.

"It is scary," Sharon admitted. "Call has been rerouted." Her voice vanished off the console.

"Doctor Smith," Chris said, over the sound of snoring. "Doctor Smith!"

The sound of jerked awake man was over heard.

"Yes?" Smith asked, Chris could visualize the well aging man looking around the room. "Who's there?"

"We need you at the entrance of the academy that you entered," Chris said. "Shady characters want to use one of us."

"Ah, that," Smith said. "That pesky matter."

"I really didn't want to do this." Chris said.

"I have a better excuse to get my belongings, Chris," Smith said. "I will be on my way and then take a proper nap. . . Speaking of nap, I need some help finding the temporary cabin." Chris smiled, his gaze lowering down. There was a long pause. "Are you alright, Chris?" came out rather concerned from the doctor.

"Fine, fine," Chris said.

"You don't sound fine," Smith said. Now he sounded like Gampu. Chris could visualize the visibly concerned, worried Commander looking back at him while placing a hand on his shoulder as he stood to the man's side after completing a very stressful mission standing in Academy Control. "Take a nap. Doctor's orders."

"I will," Chris said. "Paul will direct you to your temporary cabin afterwards. Gentry out."

He was fine.

He was perfectly-Chris collapsed in to the chair and fell asleep.

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