Fleeing academy control

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There was screaming, cadets being thrown in the halls, in rooms, while attempting to cling on to each other all connected to one cadet holding tight onto the professor. The loud trembling of the planetoid sent chills through the horrified Vulcan struggling to keep themselves composed and stoic when terror was blatant on their faces. The fear was taking up the entire room. Diplomas were flying in the air a bit unsteady and some of them landed on the faces of cadets. The air was full of terror that seemed unnatural in a place normally filled with content and relaxation when exercising ones body. The normally bright lights in the gymnasium were replaced by a unique hue of red.

The loud wail from the klaxons echoing throughout the planetoid and the red theme taking over the bright white light theme in the halls. Sunseed was holding onto Fracture's cage listening to the sarcasm coming from the bird in a way that was nonchalant regarding the situation while in the middle of waking up himself and becoming aware of what was happening around him. The large table in the gymnasium was crashing on cadets, landing on them, stabbing them in ways that left visible wounds on them. Horror was prominent in the air. Petals from the flowers were being discarded on the frightened people being thrown. Chairs flew and fell in the gymnasium while the humanoid similar cadets were being sent falling like dolls crashing against the walls from the out of wack artificial gravity and the piloted spaceship. Laura was keeping a strong grip on her brother's hand searching around for members of the blue team among the screaming.

We have to land the ship! Laura exclaimed.

We can't do it, Laura! Chris replied.

Yes, we can, Chris! Laura replied. With help!

Then we're going to need everyone! Chris said.

Everyone is a understatement. Laura said.

Start grabbing hands! Chris said.

Laura saw Paul's face among the cadets so as soon as the planetoid began to turn around she reached out in the nick of time to capture the man's wrist and then the ship tilted sideways before they could crash against the wall. Paul grabbed on to Adrian's hand and Adrian grabbed a hold on to Tee Gar's outreached hand and Tee Gar grabbed a hold on to Loki's hand and Loki reached his hand out for a Orion cadet.

Gampu's eyes opened.

"Chris. . . Laura. . ." he could hear the sounds of electrical sparks from the stations. "Loki. . ."

Peepo whirred over toward the elderly man's side.

"We are safe, Commander," Peepo said, placing a servo on the man's thin shoulder. "I have prepared a pillow for you under your head."

"Ah, thank you, dear old friend," Gampu replied, then tried to move with a groan.

"You hit your head hard and suffered multiple injuries from the last attack," Peepo said. "I do not advise you to move your head with the pain it is in."

"Am I dead?" Gampu asked.

"Negative," Peepo said. "I managed to take off the pieces that caused your injuries."

"I feel like I have been burned," Gampu said. "And very trapped."

"Affirmative," Peepo replied. "I could not risk removing the material in your leg without resulting in fatal bleeding."

"Did you send the distress signal?" Gampu asked.

Peepo whirred away coming to the front screen then returned.

"I have determined that it will be possible in the next five point three hours," Peepo said.

"Where are we?" Gampu asked.

"On the Donald Robinson West asteroid, Commander," Peepo said. "According to my calculations, in the next five point three hours we will be in the facility of Federation ships where you will be rescued and your injuries treated."

"They are alright," Gampu said. "The cadets are alright."

"Affirmative," Peepo said, moving to the elder man's hand then gently grabbed hold onto his aged hand. "We trained them well."

Gampu grew a weak smile back in return, his head pounding and screaming, through the pain wrapping his fingers along the thin black metal.

"Have you informed Fleet Command for the oncoming battle?" Gampu asked.

"Negative," Peepo replied. "We are being followed by five drones. Dragos turned away one hour ago."

"Peepo," Gampu said. "How much refined diamonds do you wager that we can draw the army away for a week?"

There was a series of beeps from Peepo.

"Fifty-three percent," Peepo said. "Given the current damage the Star Command is in, we are in no condition to do battle."

Gampu closed his eyes, painfully.

"I am aware," Gampu replied. "They need theories. Now."

Peepo twirled his head letting go of the elderly man's hand then moved away making several beeps.

"Your current chances at keeping your legs are at ninety-five percent," Peepo said. "should you chase after Dragos and not get immediate medical attention, the chances go down to seventy-three percent."

"I can request my legs get regenerated," Gampu replied, then emphasized. "But to purchase more time for the cadets."

"We can afford wasting Dragos's allies time," Peepo said.

"I can command from the floor," Gampu said. "The allusion that I am well will drive Dragos Evil up to the wall."

Peepo whipped toward Gampu.

"That headache will need to be treated," Peepo said. "And you are in no position to take command."

"That, yes," Gampu said. "But you will have my consent to go after him. That is my command."

Peepo paced back and forth then turned toward the commander.

"You are willing to put your well being on the line for them," Peepo said. "Including any chances at a quick recovery."

"Nothing is quick, Peepo," Gampu said, sliding himself up wards only to yelp and his head land back on the improvised pillow. "My delicate back."

"Yes, about that," Peepo said. "I put bed memory comforting foam underneath you soon as I could."

Gampu felt along the soft, kind surface beneath him that dulled the pain.

"And I don't suppose I know where this comes from," Gampu said.

"Emergency medical cot for the wounded on the bridge," Peepo said, there was a open compartment from the bridge with a fallen door beside the closed orange and white door overshadowed by a faint red klaxon beaming on and off glowing against the smoke in the room. "Rest and let me do all the talking."

"Easy as said," Gampu said. "Except. . ." he winced and closed his eyes then reopened them. "oh dear. . ." a thought occurred to him. "How long have I been out?"

"Three hours," Peepo said.

"We haven't the time to waste," Gampu said, his head turned toward the machine. "Go after that army!"

"Oraco, Commander Gampu!" Peepo said, then faced the view screen. "Engaging warp drive. Setting in coordinates of Duo Lunas."

Star Command flew striking the five drones into pieces from hitting the watch towers leaving even more visible signs of damage continuing to march on and jumped into warp straight out of impulse.

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