Blue team one meeting hq pt 2

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"Scapegoat," Tee Gar said.

"A scapegoat when these kinds of warnings make Planetary Command, Fleet Command, or any other Command roll their eyes because someone claims every year this is going to happen," Chris said. "The only one at fault in this situation is Dragos Evil." the words hung in the air. "Blaming Commander Gampu for something that he had no control over would ruin his career and be a waste of everyone's time."

"His career?" Tee Gar repeated. "Three people have died already! Cadet Masters, Cadet T'Paly, and Cadet Armstrongson. We shouldn't be concerned about his career, what we should be concerned is how they would treat him," Tee Gar paused. "And we all know that Planetary Command would ask for his resignation if they were told that he knew about it. He would never be allowed to teach in a public or private education place within the federation."

"He knew this was going to happen and he told no one," Adrian spoke up. "Not even Deputy Commander Stone. Commander Gampu is someone any Command would listen. It doesn't make sense."

Laura shook her head.

"None of it does," Laura agreed.

"We don't know what happens next but he does," Chris said, pointing up, with his hand on the discussion table. He faced the squad sitting at the rounded table. "Gampu might have thought we were from a alternate timeline where the academy was attacked. So with that information, he decided to get the right people and surround himself with them," he surveyed the silent group letting his words sink in. "How is Professor Allen, Tee Gar?"

"He is up and at 'em," Tee Gar said.

"And the civilians?" Chris asked.

"I got the civilians all packed up into their temporary quarters," he looked around the room. "In the next forty-five minutes, this is going to be a resting quarters for a thousand people," he looked toward Chris. "Picking me as the quarter master in case of emergencies like this one was a good choice. Most senior doctors wouldn't have handled this as well as I have. At least, the other doctors have said so."

Chris looked toward his sister.

"The only way to heal wounds like these is to have that ceremony the right way," Laura said. "The counseling professors are doing all that they can to help everyone through this."

"Tell me a good thing that you have done," Chris said.

"I spoke to the civilians, several of them, to let them talk," Laura said. "They are in better spirits."

"Better than we are," Paul said.

There was some smiles mixed with nods from the group.

"And I have been making sure that the counseling professors step aside and have some time to themselves to deal with the trauma. I had to give some of the counselors the order to not participate as they were in needs of medical attention," Laura observed the members of the group. "And I have been told that everyone here will be getting their time in the next few days."

"We all need some counseling," Paul said. "Even you, Laura."

"I will get my counseling after everyone in this group has," Laura said. "And you, Paul?"

"We have staked out some potential enemy targets," Paul said. "And some potential hiding places for the civilians and cadets. We even found um, uh, some undiscovered giants. Their language has never been recorded or heard before so contact was out of the question. Our linguistic cadets have been looking through the various recordings of ancient giants and so far we have come up empty. Now, they could communicate primarily through roars and body language which could give us a way of getting volunteers." Chris nodded, listening intently. "Instead of drawing the giants out like they are King Kong by using a cadet as bait and make them very angry for being used. It would be the best way possible without a cadet to sacrifice themselves and the space academy to destroy the army."

"Paul, it sounds like you got yourself a new language," Chris said.

"It does," Paul said. "But it has no syllables. And it will never be used in the federation."

"Which is why that turotises with spikes decorating their shell has been moved. . ." Chris stopped. "Yes, we found some native wildlife and put them into a improvised stasis for study. Tee Gar, is there any good news on your side of the front?"

"People are alive," Tee Gar said. "And you know the casualties."

"So far, we have got a series of plans of how this could go if Dragos attacks at any given time," Chris said. "And we have a growing food supply, our quarter master has housed and clothed the civilians, our parents are worried sick about us and terrified on what could happen next but we have to keep going because if we don't have a bright outlook for the future or not forgive people for their mistakes then we are not going to make it off this planet if we adopt the mind set of humanity in the 20th century!"

Loki appeared in the room.

"Chris!" Loki shouted. "Star Command sent a message!"

Chris came over then took the heavy rounded object from the young boy and placed it on to the table.

"What is wrong?" Loki asked.

"Nothing is wrong," Chris lied with a smile. "It's alright."

Chris pressed a button and the message played out.

"Academy Control, there are no causalities in Star Command."

There were sighs of relief in the room.

"We are very lucky," Adrian said, skeptical.

"He looked really hurt," Laura said, concerned.

"Who is hurt?" Loki asked.

Laura came over then knelt down to him.

"Gampu is," Laura said. "He is going to be okay."

"You can't knock down the commander so easily," Chris said, humorously. A grin appeared on the boy's face. "Gampu is staring down the black raven while chastising them for coming so early that it goes away leaving him be until help arrives."

"We will see Gampu when we get off this planet," Laura assured Loki, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"And Dragos is going to be taken in for a lot of crimes," Chris said.

"Remain calm, Dragos and his army will be distracted for the next week."

"A week?" Laura stood up in alarm. "I don't know about that, Chris."

Chris turned toward the chalkboard analyzing it to a degree.

"Enough time to make repairs to the planetoid and forty-three battle seekers," Chris said. "We can send ten people at a time from Preplanis to the other planet through the time warp. Now, that won't be enough. I propose we use the drone system that Professor Parsafoot has been working on and overwhelm the army then jump into warp to Federation territory."

Tee Gar stood up.

"We would need Parsafoot to modify it for Battle Seekers," Tee Gar said. "I can start on making them but they wouldn't be good as Parsafoot's."

"Samantha and Parsafoot may have crash landed on Preplanis in the last few hours," Chris said. "If you do find any traces of Starfire fuel lingering in the atmosphere then track it with the long range scanners. Take a few cadets with you in case it is very serious including the antigravity bed in case Parsafoot is seriously injured."

"Oraco," Tee Gar said.

Tee Gar bolted toward the side panel then waved his hand. The primarily red door with light gray breaks opened before the cadet allowing him to run down the hall in a hurry.

"What about me?" Loki asked.

"Keep this to yourself," Chris said. "And if you like, you could be part of our plan."

"Camelopardus!" Loki said, his eyes growing watts of energy. "I like that!" Loki stepped aside observing the chalkboard. "Looks like you are making a lot of peace and a compromise."

"This compromise isn't the one we will be using," Chris said, then picked up the magic eraser.

Chris began to erase the compromises with a single stroke to the right turning the screen to black.

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