The cadet's first report to tragedy

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Tee Gar placed the communication device into his pocket.

"Set up the gurneys!" Tee Gar called. "Lay the patients on their shoulders if the pipes are in their chests!"

Walsters looked around in horror.

There was blood splattered on the jackets of the cadets that he knew and those that he didn't know by heart.

"Clear the debris!" another cadet shouted. "Over here, over here, over here!"

He watched several medical cadets speed down the corridor leaving behind the chaotic scene.

"Professor Cocupine is here!" Lisa shouted, looking up from the lizard themed woman. "She got a pipe in her back!"

Tee Gar knelt by the cadet then lowered himself down.

"This isn't good," Tee Gar said. "Lisa, get a hand laser from Security Control and come back immediately," he looked toward the panicked cadet. Lisa's eyes grew hopeful as he kept a calm, easy going demeanor about him. "We will divide and conquer this little accident."

"Oraco," Lisa said.

Walsters's heart broke noticing that several of the cadets had been stabbed in the chest by the stray pipes. He recognized those pipes. Their transparent colorful bright pink theme. They were from the waste department and were being replaced on the day of graduation by the engineering staff. Engineers didn't focus on just engines but pluming and other tasks. Engineers were seen as the experts that kept ships running in whatever way they could. Tee Gar took Walsters to the side. Whatever Tee Gar was saying, Walsters wasn't catching a word watching his fellow cadets being lifted out of the room with their arms laid against their side and some dangled off the edge.

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