Gampu to academy control

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"Commander Gampu report to Academy Control," came the announcement as Chris was about to speak.

Gampu stood up from the chair then quietly made his way down the stairs and out on the regulated blue and black commander stylish jacket.

"I am Christopher Gentry," Chris said. "Laura's brother," a sea of laughter erupted from the seats. "And I got a story to tell you about Laura. The best twin sister a brother could ever have--"

Gampu made his way down the corridor.

The halls were empty during the class periods so Gampu was the only one in the hall. He had his hands linked behind his back. Rarely did he get called to Academy Control during graduation ceremony and he was in attendance for all of them since he had accepting this posting. Something had to be wrong. He didn't know what but he didn't like it. He had looked forward to their speeches for the past four years and watched them grow as individuals, officers, cadets, and family members. Gampu made his way into Academy Control to see Parsafoot by the space monitor quite alone. Red flags went off in his mind.

"Professor," Gampu said, "what is the matter?"

Parsafoot gestured Gampu closer. That wasn't good.

"Dragos is headed this way with a army," Parsafoot whispered, once Gampu was by his side. "A big one."

"Just how. . ." Gampu raised his eyebrows. "big?"

"Battle Control big," Parsafoot said. "Maybe even larger than that. Overwhelmingly."

"Dragos doesn't have enough allies for that," Gampu said, skeptical.

Parsafoot pressed a few buttons on the console then gestured toward the space monitor.

"Here," Parsafoot said, softly.

Gampu eyed at the man then lowered his gaze toward the screen. Gampu froze where he stood as it sunk into him. For two years, Dragos had been gathering a army under the radar. No one had known about it. It had been two years since Dragos was transported to a different universe and came back from it in rage. Gampu kept his calm composure as his confused expression was replaced by a grim one. The atmosphere around them had grown heavy and thick.

"Professor," Gampu said. "How long has this been expected?"

"Roughly a hour," Parsafoot said. "Out of three drifting Starfires, I can bring in Jason and Sam's Starfires to the loading ba---"

"We have thirty minutes to spare," Gampu cut off Parsafoot. "Evacuation is the only thing we can do."

"We are not giving them a fight?" Parsafoot asked, bewildered.

"We are out numbered," Gampu said. "We have to think about the cadets."

"That doesn't mean we should stop fighting to live," Parsafoot said. "What if I go in and throw out Tee Gar's inventions that tend to backfire? I know I will need help so Sam can help me with that."

"Professor," Gampu said raising his voice drawing some attention toward him. "Get to the gymnasium and attend their graduation," he lowered his voice down then everyone returned to what they were doing. "They will need the next Deputy Commander in line to lead them."

"No, no, no," Parsafoot said. "I am---I---I came here to teach not lead," Gampu leaned against the console rubbing his forehead. "I can't run away."

Gampu lowered his hand down to the console.

"If you went out there to help them in your Starfire then you may not come back," Gampu said, raising his head up toward the professor. "The cadets need a deputy commander."

"The cadets need a commander not a professor to lead them," Parsafoot said. "I am just a teacher. I wish I could help you."

"You are helping me," Gampu said. "Those are my orders."

"Commander," Parsafoot said. "if I don't come back--"

"You will, Professor," Gampu interrupted him. "It's dangerous. These are things you come right out of around here."

"I have Jason to thank for that," Parsafoot said. "I guess I do." he had on a bright smile then replied, "Oraco." back to Gampu.

Parsafoot turned away then walked toward the door but stopped short, shifting in Gampu's direction.

Parsafoot gave a salute.

It's been a honor, Commander.

Gampu nodded in return watching the Professor then observed his departure and turned toward the space monitor. The army was getting closer. The battle was going to start in the next twenty to thirty minutes. Thirty minutes happened to be the amount of time it would take for the speeches to end. Then five minutes later the actual graduation would start. Gampu carefully considered his plans. The space crafts had their weaknesses at best so did the Dragonship. Getting this to end peacefully was off the table. The defense had to be plotted carefully. His moves decided the fate of thousands of cadets and civilians. There were families aboard the Space Academy. It pained him to throw innocents into The Battle of Duo Lunas.

Gampu looked up watching the Starfire 4 fly into space and alarm spread on his face that slowly faded.

"Jason, we're all counting on you and your friends," Gampu said. "Don't make me go to Battle Control mode today."

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