The first crashed starfire

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Will was exploring Priplanus with the Robot by his side. He had gotten used to the fact that Smith wasn't around as often as he had since April 27th. Almost letting certain members of the head members of the group be swallowed up by the cosmic sand pit for the second time in the row when Smith was present. The Robot was making sounds akin to humming around the boy in substitute for noise that wasn't there. Will perked his head up seeing what was smoke from ahead over a series of trees. Will ran after the source of the smoke with the Robot tailing behind him in silence.

Will came to a stop between two trees.

"Don't detect danger, Robot?" Will asked. "You're awfully quiet."

"This shuttlecraft was neutralized," The Robot said. "I do not detect danger."

"Not even a sign of trouble that could happen?" Will asked skeptically.

"This is not a dangerous mode of transportation," The Robot said. "My scanners indicate it is heavily damaged."

"Must have been a really bad skirmish," Will said.

"Negative, Will Robinson," The Robot said. "It went through hell."

"In space?" Will said. "Most vessels that crash land here from skirmishes don't look this damaged."

"Because it wasn't a skirmish," The Robot said. "Deliberate targeting to certain areas of the shuttlecraft. Burned, partially destroyed wings, the escape pods of the shuttle craft are destroyed," The Robot gestured toward what remained of the rounded escape pods. "And the nacelles of this vessel are destroyed. It was a battle."

Will came over to the side then lowered his hand down toward a red object underneath.

"And this short red object?" Will asked.

"Outside door slider," The Robot said. "Slide it open."

Will slid it open then came in hearing not a sound on the crashed vessel.

Will stopped where he stood looking at the inactive purple and blue grills on the bottom.

From above there was a colorful light fixture that was deactivated seemingly not highlighting its features. The upper sections from around it seemed were inactive remaining gray. It reminded Will of lego transparent light blocks mixed with colorful lego light blocks glued to the wall. The Robot floated into the room then landed to his treads coming over to the recorder then checked it for any messages that were being sent. There had been no messages being sent or transmitted to this star. Will looked around in awe at the room then his eyes landed on Stones figure that was set on the floor beside the chair that was tipped over to the side. Buttons from the main console that were mainly yellow, red, and white remained on the black surface but the console lid was on the floor up front exposing wires that were still connected to square tops that needed to be connected again. There was a monitor that remained among the wiring as though it had been built into the main frame displaying the series of inactive star constellations.

Will's eyes landed on the fallen figure seen in front of the chair laid on the floor sprawled out, alive but hurt.

"Robot, I'll be right back!" Will said.

"Will Robinson!" The Robot stopped him with a call. "We do not have a doctor familiar to his physiology."

"Doesn't matter," Will said. "Dad has to know and we have to help the best way we can."

The Robot's head lowered.

"Affirmative," The Robot replied, then watched the young boy run off and turned toward Stone watching over him.

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