The attack of the starfires

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The Starfire flew out of the machines way with precision that it seemed obvious that it was being navigated by Peepo. The fourth Starfire came to a halt alongside the drifting Starfire then cables flew out of the side of Starfire four grabbing underneath the other Starfire embedding underneath. The two flew over to the neighboring vessel where another pair of cables flew out which grabbed hold onto the connecting pipes tugging it forward. The pipes connected to the second Starfire with a low, inaudible click. The three flew in the direction of Star Command in intense speed. The three Starfires flew into the docking bay then came to a carefully performed landing. The requested repairmen stared at the damage in shock. It was Parsafoot who came out first with Samantha's arm wrapped around his shoulder.

"We need all the help we can get patching them up," Parsafoot said. "and get the Starfires ready for battle in ten minutes."

"In ten minutes?" The repairman in charge asked, as Parsafoot leaned her against a cargo container and tried her shaking her awake. "This is a drill, right?"

"Negative," Peepo said. "Danger, danger." Peepo floated out of the Starfire coming down to the floor.

"What is going on, Professor?" The head repairmen asked.

Parsafoot turned toward the light blue man.

"Dragos is headed this way with a army," Parsafoot said.

"I'll give you less than ten minutes," The head repairmen said, then turned toward the gathering crowd. "You heard the man! Let's get them ready!"

Samantha's eyes slowly opened.

"Professor?" Samantha asked. "Did we make it?"

Parsafoot relaxed.

"You got out of it alive," Parsafoot said. "I can't say the same for us."

Jason came walking out rubbing the side of his throbbing head.

"Jason!" Samantha called.

Parsafoot came toward the disturbed man.

"I see we came in time for the riot," Jason said, jokingly.

"How is your head?" Samantha asked.

"I'll live," Jason said, as repairmen were speeding into the Starfires with equipment. "We made a little dent. But not enough. We have to go back out there."

"After the Starfires are battle ready," Parsafoot said.

"The Starfires are ready," Jason said.

"No, they are ready-to-daily-fight-unoccupied-drones," Parsafoot said. "They are not soldiers!"

Jason's eyebrows raised.

"Neither are you," Jason said. "You're shaken up." He grew concerned. "What happened?"

"I had to get the two of you out of there alone is what happened," Parsafoot said.

Jason looked toward the three merged Starfires then back in the direction of Parsafoot.

"His Starfire was destroyed," Jason assumed.

"No," Parsafoot said. "His Starfire was floating towards the void last I saw. He could be crashing right this minute," the scene panned over to show a mountain area at night. A red flaming ball was coming down from the heavens streaking above the sand passing by gigantic rock formations. The Starfire flew over the circular structure coming to a crash landing between barren trees. "And no one might be able to help him."

"We can try to take down what we can," Jason said. "Professor, have you tried everything?"

"I have some glitching inventions that we can try," Parsafoot said.

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