tying up the alien of the week

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When he was selected to pilot the Jupiter 2, Don didn't think he would have to sit in the Chariot on a mission to tell off a alien with the head of the family and yet, here he was. The hair all over Don's skin was raised up. It was a different kind of feeling hanging on to Don. Over the past few months being on Preplanis, he had been one to feel a thousand feelings. Felt like he was in the eye of the hurricane before the storm arrived followed by a calm wind, the feel in the air changing, and his gut was twisting. It was unsettling for the pilot. The Chariot came to a pause in front of the bright pink space craft. The multiple colored windows were rotating on a large band around the spacecraft that had a ramp lowered down toward the ground.

John was the first one to get up.

"Don?" John asked. "Something on your mind?"

"There's a bad storm coming," Don said. "What kind I don't know."

"Whatever it is, we can handle," John said.

"Doctor Wincfield is someone we can handle," Don said. "Left to stay on this planet then there is no doubt that he will come across our distant exile."

"Thankfully, he hasn't," John said. "It would be easy for him to talk Smith into his experiment."

"Too easy," Don said, getting up from the chair.

"So it's going to be fine," John said, opening the doors to the Chariot.

"This has a exception," Don said, as John slid out of the Chariot. Don shook his head. "I can't shake it off."

John looked over raising a eyebrow.

"That bad?" John asked.

"There is something we can't handle up there." Don gestured his hand toward the night sky. "I don't know what it is and I don't like it."

John looked toward the sky.

"We've handled every problem from space so far," John said, then turned toward Don. "We will be fine."

John walked his way toward the entrance of the cave.

"Hopefully," Don said, looking up toward the night sky that was dotted in stars and two moons that were set close by each other.

Don hopped out of the Chariot then closed the door behind him and caught up with John. There was aqua blue light pouring out of the spacecraft pooling on the dirt and the platform. The two men walked side by side up the ramp until they came across humanoid like beings who had strange feet. Wincfield was standing alongside a bulky machine putting in information on the large keyboard with colorful buttons. He wiggled a button and there. On the center of the padd was a dark brown being. One that Don recognized as one that had held Will and Smith captive under a sea of vines. The screams coming from the alien were loud and alarming.

John shoved Wincfield to the side surprising the assistants from across the man. He fired the laser pistol on the consoles and the lights glowing around the buttons promptly vanished. The being fell on to its side whimpering softly. John slowly turned in the direction of the middle aged man with a dark look on his face. Don came to the alien's side then pressed a few buttons. The green grill underneath the being lost color. The being struggled to get up so Don reached his hand out helping the taller being up to their feet. The being squeezed Don's shoulder then slowly and tiredly walked down the platform heading down in the direction of the exit.

"You will dissemble this project immediately," John said, lowering the laser pistol to his side.

"There could be thousands of willing people----" Wincfield started.

"Doctor Wincfield, there are thousands of people who love them equally and don't want them running out to reckless, suicidal ways of solving their problems that are not terminal," John spoke over the man. "You are going to leave this planet and find a better purpose of using your machine."

"Or not finishing this machine at all," Don added.

"You don't understand," Wincfield said. "these volunteers---"

"Are not up for grabs," John cut the doctor off.

"How are you so sure about that?" Wincfield asked

"They haven't come yet," John said. "I don't want to see your face on Preplanis around my family or anyone else on this planet again, If I see you again. . . I wouldn't be as lenient to you and your assistants," John aimed the laser pistol toward the group. "Isn't it humane not to let suffering continue?"

Wincfield nodded.

"Yes," Wincfield said.

John's fingers retreated from the trigger.

"Good," John said. "We understand each other." he nodded toward Don.

Don aimed the laser pistol at several exposed parts of the machine keeping back.

"What are you doing?" Wincfield demanded a answer.

"Inventions like yours have no place on this planet," John said. "Destroy all the paperwork you have on this machine and the backs up."

"But I am required by the Federation---" Wincfield started,

"The Federation isn't made to play with peope's lives," John said. "Is it?"

"No," Wincfield said.

The two men walked away from the disturbed assistants and Wincfield eyed at his destroyed experiment, biting his fingernails.

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