A nightmare of sorts

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A young boy in a light orange PJ outfit tossed and turned in his bed.

The camera came through space soaring through into the tower that lost a part falling down toward the planetoid half with a loud crash breaking into several pieces. The sound was that of a very loud, crashing noise similar to large wave crashing and a rock avalanche occurring. It was a roar that would be admired from a distance but not up close. Pieces of rock were trailing behind the planetoid in a way showing that it was falling apart with pieces of metal among the collection including doors. The scene poured into the lower half of the tower that was trembling. The red hue was going on and off in the slightly darkened room. The young boy saw Smith but not Smith leaned forward with his hands embedded into the arm rest of the chair. The figure was taking in emotional breaths slowly turning his gaze up toward the view screen and grew a relieved look. He appeared to be unshaven as though he had been in chaos for days.

"We have made it to the star cluster, Commander," Peepo said.

"Prepare evasive procedures, Peepo," Gampu said.

"Oraco!" Peepo said. "Evasive procedures being taken."

"Ah, Madame," Gampu said, looking toward the brightest star with a smile. "Judy, Penny. . . Still beautiful after all these years." His eyes drifted toward the second star beside the first. "Professor." his voice was emotionally charged at seeing the familiar star clusters.

Battle Control trembled loudly as the army followed the planetoid closer into the cluster.

The young boy turned toward his right.

"Ready!" Peepo replied.

"Get closer to the nearest one!" Gampu ordered.

Peepo's head whirred toward the Commander.

"L-Dwarf Will Robinson is the closests," Peepo said.

"Get us closer," Gampu said. "we will not conclude this battle with a undignified whimper."

"Bringing Space Academy closer," Peepo said.

"Come on, my boy," Gampu said, as a flash of light highlighted that his face was completely covered in burns and his hands had the worst of it. "Help us." He had a desperate look on his face.

The young boy turned toward his right.

"The West Asteroid belt is nearby," Peepo said. "Permission to hide among it after refueling for emergency repairs?"

The young boy turned toward the left.

"Granted," Gampu said, as another blast struck the space academy making it tremble.

The young boy turned toward the right.

"Rest, Commander," Peepo said, as Gampu pressed on the light orange buttons that activated somewhat operating laser cannons. "Hand the defense controls over to me."

Gampu inputted a command using the labeled numbered buttons, painfully.

"Defense Controls have been handed over to you," Gampu said. "Good luck."

"Operating!" Peepo announced, as Gampu's blue aged eyes stared at the approaching L-dwarf star.

"Please," Gampu plead, desperately leaning forward as his eyes glanced toward the star. "For your dear friend, Doctor Zachary Smith."

The ship was struck against sending Gampu crashing to the floor as the red lights went out.

"Doctor Smith!" Will Robinson, the boy, bolted up with sweat coming down his skin while panting.

Will slid out of bed and rubbed his eyes.

The dream was very disturbing and very odd to say for the least. He opened the door to his bedroom then made his way up the ladder. Sometimes, dreams had that kind of effect on him. Needing time before trying to fall asleep again was all so common. He came to the front seat of the bridge then sat down into it. Will breathed in and out, cooling his thoughts down. The nightmare still felt as fresh. He replayed it in his mind observing the fallen window panel laid against the rail. The fallen cieling pieces on the floor around the figure. The orange and yellow carpeting around the figure highlighted by the red light that had cables, gray blocks, and pieces of light gray railing on the floor. The white sparks that erupted from the panels---it was a nightmare. Chaos. Will looked over, overhearing John's footsteps and his familiar yawn.

"Will?" John asked. "Why are you up so early?"

"A nightmare," Will said. "More of a memory than a nightmare. Like it were happening in real time, real as you and me."

"That must be from the excitement made yesterday," John said.

"I want to believe it was," Will said, then shook his head. "Doctor Smith was in it."

"Smith hasn't ran back here in a month so it's safe to assume you don't need to worry," John said.

"I wasn't, dad," Will said. "That's the thing," he looked down toward the console as the images flickered in his mind. "I stopped worrying about him last week."

"Sub consciously," John said, he placed a hand on the boy's shoulder. "It's alright to be worried, Will. Worried about those he will end up crossing."

Will considered, then nodded.

"I should be," Will said. "Why are you up so early?"

"Not as inconvenient as your nightmare," John said, as Don came up the elevator with a laser pistol strapped around his shoulder. "We have to check on our visitor from yesterday."

"I thought they left," Will said.

"Not at all," John said. "They are still sticking around." Will grew surprised.

"I thought they had learned their lesson," Will said, earning a head shake from the head of the family.

"They need a reminder of where they are," John said. "We're not idly going to stand by people capable of making a life destructive machine continues to remain on a populated planet."

Will nodded.

"Go get him," Will said, earning a nod back from John.

John came over toward Don taking the laser pistol that was handed to him. Will watched the two leave the Jupiter 2 then briefly closed his eyes watching their figures walking away and his eyes closed as his back was pressed against the back rest of the chair feeling very comfortable in it. Will had his arms folded while slumping in the chair and fell asleep.

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