Teamwork to do

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"I got one!" Samantha replied.

"Good work, Sam!" Jason said. "Now that leaves us with . . ." His starfire flew above the large army. "Damn!" He smacked his fist on the table.

"Starfire 1 to Starfire 2," Stone's face came over the screen. "We took out two squadrons so far with this idea. We can improve the idea with asteroids."

"It took us twenty minutes to gather a collection of space junk," Jason said. "We don't have the time to collect asteroids."

"Every starfire has been equipped with cables to retrieve long distance objects," Stone said. "it takes less than five minutes to get them. I had asked for the professor to install this feature last year and it could come to our aid."

"Let's do it," Jason said.

"Starfire 1, out," Stone said.

"I'll try that," Samantha said. "Starfire 3 out."

The tables had turned between Stone and Jason. Jason had been the ever most hopeful man who found solutions and Stone the realistic man. The change in the situation was unsettling. They were on each others side. And it didn't seem the slightest of all right. If it were to go down for the worse, Stone was fine with going down with fine pilots around him and he was honored. The cables bolted forward grabbing hold onto the flying pieces of asteroid flying away from the academy. Jason retrieved a small asteroid. The asteroids were swinging back and forth in the direction of the approaching army. On their computer screens, Dragos's face appeared.

"Give up, Jason!" Dragos said. "I will win and make your world miserable. Star Galactic reign will end here!"

"No," Jason said. "It won't. We are one percent of thousands."

"You are a stubborn man," Dragos said, then laughed. "I am going to miss that."

Jason released the asteroid sending it flying toward the army.

"You won't have to miss me, Dragos," Jason said. Hopefully.

"Don't be so sure," Dragos said. "You made quite the enemy to have fought against."

The asteroids flew toward the army crashing into a line of vessels tipping them forward against the other.

The asteroids were used as flying cannonballs and the army was bumper cars that crashed into each other then were destroyed in the inferno. The army spread away from the destructive path then fired on the Starfires. Dragos's laughter echoed through Jason's ship. Jason's ship was sent tipping back and forth losing part of its wing like flaps beside the door. Jason's hands were in the way of the console that erupted with electricity that made burns appear on his hands. He shielded himself from the explosion and his seat toppled back as sparks erupted from the side panels where smoke drifted from the walls. Jason landed away from his seat on the floor in front of engineering. The scene panned over to Stone who watched Samantha's and Jason's vessels float freely away from him. He was getting further and further away.

"Command Control, we have a Battle Control emergency," Stone said. "Repeat. Battle Control."

"Battle Control?" Parsafoot asked, his image appearing on the screen. Stone could see the paling look on the man's face. "That's bad news."

"The Dragonship is coming with a army," Stone said. "Whatever happens next is in your hands. You must decide how this is going to be."

"If I don't want to be the one who decides life or death?" Parsafoot asked, as Stone's ship was struck. "Commander!"

"Get Commander Gampu," Stone said. "We don't have much time!"

"Oraco," Parsafoot said.

Another blast struck Stone's Starfire and the connection to Star Command ended.

The camera zoomed in on Parsafoot's panicked face looking on toward the distant Starfires on the space monitor.

"Oh Jason," Parsafoot said.

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