The helpful academy professor

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"Professor, what is the matter?" Chris asked, joined by his twin into Sick Bay.

"Dragos has Jason," Parsafoot said. "And he is unhinged."

"Just how unhinged should we be concerned?" Laura asked.

"He went after Command Control," Parsafoot said. "Without hesitation."

The twins exchanged a uneasy glance then looked toward the man.

"Did you listen in?" Chris asked.

"I couldn't," Parsafoot said. "I was too far away. I am scared Dragos will actually destroy Star Command and Gampu with it!"

"About that. . ." Chris said. "The commander is technically still on the campus."

"What?" Parsafoot said. "Gampu would never let Peepo command the station alone."

"Professor," Laura started. "Before he was Isaac Gampu. . ." she fiddled with her fingers then lowered her shoulders and briefly closed her eyes which she opened. Her eyes lifted up toward the professor. "he was Colonel Doctor Zachary Smith, a reluctant stowaway, the Robinsons's doctor, a saboteur, and a traitor to his country."

"And technically," Chris cringed at the word. "He still is."

"Not slowly aging," Laura added. "He is aging naturally."

"We don't know how old he is here," Chris said.

"But when do we ask. . ." Laura said.

"He insists to be twenty-seven," Chris said.

"Doctor Smith is older than that," Laura said. "The computer has no answer for us and the only people that can answer are those we can't tell why we are interested."

There was a long silence as Parsafoot's eyes were aimed at the wall from across as though something had occurred to him.

"Dragos is going to make Jason watch him destroy everything," Parsafoot said. "I am sure of it."

"Professor," Chris said. "He won't destroy everything."

Parsafoot looked over.

"We have a plan," Laura said. "A good plan."

"And Colonel Smith is going to help us with it," Chris said. "We need a spy not a doctor for this operation."

Parsafoot raised his eyebrows.

"Do I want to know?" Parsafoot asked.

"No," Laura said. "But we need your help on a certain aspect of it."

"The drone system," Chris said. "We need your Seeker specifications for it."

Parsafoot nodded.

"I still got a arm that works," Parsafoot said, raising his hand up with a smile. "I can do it in no time, Chris!"

Chris grew a big smile.

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