A mood of iridescent

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"Activate . . . mandatory . . . planetoid separation," Gampu commanded, as the academy trembled around him as he propped himself up trembling up to the console and the lights had gone dim behind him. Electricity cackled from the cieling above him.

"Oraco!" Peepo announced. "Working!"

Gampu held onto the console keeping him in place.

The side of his face was still burning from the sudden explosion from the space monitor.

"Professors please escort cadets to mandatory evacuation locations," Gampu announced. "Professors please escort cadets to mandatory evacuation locations, Professors please escort your cadets to mandatory evacuation locations," the room became highlighted in a red hue as he repeated the order, from behind him a comfy chair with buttons appeared at the center and cadets fled Battle Control. "Civilians remain in the gymnasium. Civilians remain in the gymnasium. Civilians remain in the gymnasium." The last of the cadets left Battle Control. "Academy Control has changed to Battle Control, Academy Control has changed to Battle Control, Academy Control has changed to Battle Control," he had to give them a greater chance of survival as he turned off the intercomn turning toward Peepo. "Peepo, go to the gymnasium and program their trajectory toward the void."

"That means separation, Commander!" Peepo acknowledged.

Gampu winced, making his way toward the chair.

"I am quite aware," Gampu said, Battle Control trembled around him. "We must think about their survival."

"Oraco!" Peepo said, turning around.

Peepo floated out of the room.

It had taken many lifetimes to acquire the calm demeanor in the face of danger. Being hysterical while announcing orders was finely tuned into his voice over the years. He watched the cadets flee out of the room. He turned away then closed his eyes, regretfully. He had watched the space academy be put together, he had attended it, and graduated from it. The place that he had once called home was being attacked ruthlessly gaining battle damage. It broke his heart into a million pieces at the idea that another place he called home would be destroyed on him. Gampu sat into the chair pressing buttons. The rounded section surrounding the center consisting of consoles slid down into the floor replaced by a red railing.

"Firing lasers on the dragon squadron," Gampu announced, pressing on a red button.

Laser fire came from Battle Control firing at the dragon squadrons sending them flying out of the way then fire in return.

"Battle Control to Starfires 2, 3, and 4," Gampu said, his fingers pressing on the yellow button. "Professor, Sam, Jason, can you read me?" His eyes searched the stars for their floating utterly useless starfires. "Please answer," he saw the floating starfire drift in the way of the screen. His heart sank. He was the only one capable of protecting the cadets at the moment. "Battle Control out."

The red and black doors opened behind Gampu.

Gampu turned in the direction of the doors to see who it was.

"Peepo!" Gampu said. "What are you doing here?"

"Battle control needs a pilot and a navigator, not just a soldier, commander," Peepo said. "separation program has been executed."

Gampu turned toward the large screen as academy control trembled and sparks erupted from the station in front of him.

"Goodbye, dear friends," Gampu said. "For now."

Loud clicks echoed through the planetoid as corridors had walls sliding out of the cieling down to the floor. The loud, dark sounds made by machinery that hadn't been used in hundreds of years rumbled letting loose dust. The curved hallways seemed hauntingly empty once the walls had come into place acting as dead ends. The domes around specific areas of the academy became covered in gray, thick shields in the blink of a eye. The academy began to split apart. It was sliding apart to be more specific. The large campus split into two. Rows and rows of the armies were being destroyed as the evacuation went into play until they were two distinct parts of a planetoid. Gampu stood up then approached the viewscreen in front of the severely damaged consoles and the screens were struggling to remain powered.

Gampu painfully watched the planetoid float away from him on the viewscreen as the front half flew away taking Dragos dragon squadron. He had seen utter devastation many times but this time, Gampu wasn't going to see that happen today. He felt small compared to the large asteroid facing uncertainty. The small, installed lights on the buildings were flickering before his eyes among the darkness. The light gray metal became dark momentarily before his eyes. It reminded him of a small city that was getting smaller before his eyes while going further into the night sky above. Gampu watched the other half vanished into the void. They were safe. All of them were safe. Even Loki was in safe hands. The upper station slid down replaced by the primary front railing that connected with the rest.

Gampu closed his eyes, his shoulders visibly lowering and his mind set at ease as he sat down into the chair.

"Danger, Commander Gampu!" Peepo announced, waving his arms in the air and drifted from side to side. "Danger!"

Battle Control trembled and the lights went out around him.

"Let's give Dragos the thrill he wants," Gampu looked up, defiantly. "Peepo, set a course."

"Any that you have in mind?" Peepo asked, his voice sounded scared.

"Any course will do, dear old friend," Gampu said. "We must distract them."

"Oraco!" Peepo replied.

From space, the lasers were fired at the dragon squadron and the armies drew away from the void chasing after the vessel.

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