The space academy

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The Space Academy's graduation of senior cadets was set to be done in the Alvereze sector. Thousands of years ago there used to be a planet that laid in the middle of a orbit that was native to the system. Just looking out one of the windows easily said there was supposed to be a planet in between two Earth like planets. The third planet had four moons instead of two like the first planet. From a cadet's perspective, there was occasionally seen a wide yet large void of space that sometimes had a floating stature holding a globe in one hand that was coated in radiation. Perfectly preserved in a Greek outfit. Hundreds of years and not once had it broken apart during several star wars. It used to be planet-bound until the planet was destroyed. On this day, what was deemed impossible to happen to the statue began to set in motion. The statue was struck forward by a long, 21st shaped battery space junk. The statue struck a sharp point of the planetoid then broke in two pieces taking along the large chunk of asteroid with it.

The mood within the space academy was bright and unique. Blue team 1 was set to graduate as was Red team 1 and Yellow team 1. The other teams were supervised by the flight instructor Jason. Jason was currently over seeing Parsafoot's simulation graduation celebration observing the last simulation of a graduated cadet walked off the stage to the sounds of stock footage cheering and holographic confetti falling. Every year sometimes over 1,000 cadets graduated the academy and went into different branches of the Star Galactic. Some went into exploration, defense, medicine, and among other things. This year was different. This was set to break the Space Academy's record of graduates leaving. Chris was let out early from his class like many seniors. His last class as a cadet had ended for him. His twin, Laura, was twiddling her fingers watching the simulation go off from above. They wore looks of awe walking into the neatly organized gymnasium. Everything used for exercise had been put up and the room was even wider than before. Samantha was looking with a smile toward the lights sprinkling from the simulation in the dimly lit room.

"It is going to be weird not being under Gampu's command," Chris said.

"I know the feeling," Laura said. "But at least he will always be part of our family."

"Speaking of family. . ." Chris looked down toward her. "You didn't tell me what your posting is."

"I have been assigned to the USS Robinson," Laura said. "The most prestigious science vessel headed to the unknown."

"So Emperor Dragos has released even more territory?" Chris asked, surprised.

"Surprisingly," Laura said. "He gave his word."

"That's good!" Chris said, clapping her shoulder, proudly.

"What about you?" Laura asked.

"I have been accepted for Earth planetary headquarters as Ensign," Chris said, earning a bright smile on his sister's face. "At least we have our link to keep us together."

"At least we have that," Laura said, with a nod as they came to a stop by the thousands of chairs in front of the stage.

Jason turned from Parsafoot toward the slowly growing group.

"Blue team one," Jason said, then shook their hands one by one. "Happy to meet you."

"I am honored to meet the man who protects the space academy on a daily basis," Chris said.

"Not on a daily basis as of recently," Jason said. "It could be that we've moved to a place that he doesn't know. It's a good thing only cadets and family members know where. We're taking all the precaution for this big graduation."

"Two thousand cadets," Samantha said. "that's enough to be a brigade."

"Seems like every day the number gets larger," Jason said. "I overheard that the space academy is going to undergo a renovation during the summer."

"A renovation?" Laura asked. "Last time it had one was over a hundred years ago and Dragos wasn't attacking as often then."

Samantha and Jason exchanged a glance.

"I have assurance that it will go smoothly," Samantha said.

"With the best pilots in the galaxies on it," Jason added. "If anything, his efforts will make the construction go faster." The group laughed in unison.

"You will enjoy the show the professor has for you," Samantha said. "The Commander approved of this specifically."

"Jason, Jason, Jason!" Parsafoot called. "I may have made a error." Jason turned toward the double eyebrowed man.

"What kind of error, Professor?" Jason asked.

Parsafoot sheepishly pointed up.

The group slowly looked up to see the iconic image of Mickey Mouse seemingly discolored. The blue team and Samantha started to laugh at the visible errors. Mickey Mouse had two antennas, bright purple primary skin, and yellow secondary skin. Parsafoot punched on the device trying to end the simulation which resulted in more laughter that came from Jason. Jason took out a small device from his pocket then held it in his hands. The little Wiki floated over to the console then used its laser setting to flip open the panel and then performed the task. The blue laser tore through the wires letting light gray smoke drift away from it and little sparks erupted. The simulation ended in a colorful flicker. Wiki floated over toward Jason then was returned inside the device.

"Jason, Sam," came Gampu's voice over the intercomn. "Please report to Star Command."

"Looks like we are being called," Jason said, looking toward the speaker then back toward the group with a smile. "I'll see you at the graduation party, cadets."

"You can start calling us officers from there," Laura said. "More importantly, you can refer to me as Doctor Gentry."

"Your parents must be so proud of you," Samantha said.

"They are," Chris said.

"Come on, Sam," Jason said, then they walked away from the blue team.

"Blue Team one," Professor Frizzle called, and blue team one went toward her voice.

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