Road Trip - Chapter 33 (Extra long)

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(This is a long-boi chapter! Took me a very long time but it's basically like three chapters long lmao. You're VERY welcome. Pls vote and comment. I'm exhausted and I worked hard to bring you this chapter)

[Leo's Point Of View]

"This guy is trying to start drama for no reason," Marvin said as he directed his eyes at the bowl of Doritos on the coffee table. "He keeps saying that you're saying things behind everyone's back, but we all know you say shit to people's faces without an ounce of fear."

"Gee, another guy lying about me, never saw that coming," I said, rolling my eyes.

A couple of friends and dorm-neighbors and I were all sitting in the lounge on a Friday night while everybody was out having a blast. Basically all the cool people stayed behind. The last two weeks were stressful and PACKED with work. I barely talked to anyone, including my own boyfriend, for those fifteen long days.

Most of my friends I had met because we went to the same classes and the others were just friends I made from the association of gayness. Those that I met from my classes had to endure the same education suffering I went through. Now that we were done with everything, we wanted to relax, and going to parties and clubs sounded unbearably exhausting. We needed to recharge our batteries by eating Doritos and gossiping.

"I've actually noticed that," Jamila said. She was the smartest girl in the entire building and I was actually surprised to even see her relaxing. She often complained about having to do too much because of her parent's expectations and society's expectations of black women in general.

"Noticed what?" Marvin said. "That every new gay guy we meet is immediately threatened by Leo's mere existence?"

"Why is that? I don't get it."

"At this point, I introduce Leo to new gay guys just to see what happens," he said, chuckling by himself on the sofa.

Jamila suddenly looked at me. "Is it because you're cute?"

"I don't know." I shrugged, clearly uninterested in this topic.

"I think once they see him, see his instagram followers, how many friends he has, where he lives and what his boyfriend looks like then they get heated because they want it."

"That's . . . descriptive," I said, blinking at him.

Marvin and I weren't super close, we talked a bunch because of how often we had to see each other. But he was straight and boring. And I didn't mean that in a way that suggested straight people were boring, no, it was just unfortunate that he was straight AND boring.

But he was kinda cute, so.

"Is that really how gay guys are?" Jamila said.

"I think that's just what he attracts," he said.

"And I think this conversation is stupid," I said.

"But you can't deny the facts," Marvin said, pointing fingers at me in a playful way.

"First of all," I started with a finger in the air, "people thinking I'm attractive is their own thing, everyone has an eye for different types of people. I may be the most gorgeous guy to my boyfriend, but some random stranger might think I'm the ugliest creature to have ever been hatched. SECONDLY, I gained a lot of instagram followers because of that one time I got a selfie with Lana Del Rey and everyone thought we were friends."

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