Road Trip - Chapter Twenty-Two

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(Leo's Point Of View)

   The first thing I felt when I woke up was emptiness. Thankfully, the gay gods saved me today, because the emptiness was not in my heart, but next to me on the bed. I reached out, patting the empty cold spot and opened my eyes. Judging by how cold, he must have gotten out of bed a long time ago, maybe even stayed up.

After doing some sensual stretching and rolling around like a dog, I got up, rubbing my sleepy eyes. I looked around Derek's room and wondered if I should put some clothes on, but decided against it. I climbed off the bed and ran to the door, but quietly opened it in case Sasha was still sleeping. The house was too quiet and Derek might be out. I closed the door behind me and turned left to go into the bathroom but I was exposed.

"Why are you walking around naked?" Derek asked.

I froze, my back and ass to him. He was at his computer desk, I could tell, which unfortunately gave you a perfect view of anyone walking out of his room. I released some unintelligible alien noises and stormed into the bathroom, breathing heavily.

"I'm good," I said to myself as I walked up to the mirror. I first noticed my dick as I grabbed my toothbrush. "How are you still even breathing?"

Last night was truly unexpected. It was nice, different and gave me the biggest orgasm I've had in months. Now have to come up with a plan on how to return the favor, but like, amp it up by a hundred percent. But that was the hard task, just coming up with an idea, because Derek was a simple man, he liked my hole, and that was the end of it. How could I provide more than that? Two holes?

Great, now I'm triggered.

I showered after brushing my teeth and came out feeling like a brand new Leo, fresh out of the vagina. There was no towel in the bathroom and I didn't want to walk out of the bathroom naked. I was comfortable doing it when I was alone. If Sasha was awake, and he saw even a glimpse of his momma's ass, I would die.

"Pst," I whispered when I opened the door, sticking out only my mouth. "Give me a towel."

I heard Derek's chair roll back and I pulled back, waiting for the towel as I modelled in front of the mirror. I covered my nipples because if women couldn't show their nipples, then Leo couldn't show his nipples.

Derek walked in with a towel, interrupting my problematic dialogue with myself. I was just getting to the fact that I was too busy trying to cover my nipples that I forgot my THING was dangling freely and that defeats the whole purpose.

"Morning," he said, smirking as he closed the door behind him. Sasha was definitely still home, otherwise he would have pulled my ass out of the bathroom and fucked me on the carpet.

"I'm wet and I'd really like to unwet myself," I said, taking the towel and rubbing it through my hair and face.

"I can help with that," he said as he pushed me back against the counter till I was sitting on it and spread my legs apart. He covered my soft dick with his mouth and began sucking until I was hard as a rock.

"Really?" I groaned, shutting my eyes as my body shut down with content. "Now?"

"Mhm," he hummed as he licked me up and down, bobbing his head as he deep throated my length. My body was dripping water from the shower, I was cold and shivering, and there was only one part that felt warm and that area was having so much attention that it made the rest of me numb.

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